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Fashionistas, the folks at Four Star Denim reached out to me because we share the belief that looking great doesn’t have to be expensive. They were kind enough to send me free preproduction samples of their jeans. You may or may not know that I only do product reviews when I like the product – so you can guess where this is going.

$40 Jeans You’ll Love

The brand promise of Four Star Denim is designer-quality jeans at an affordable price point. First, let’s talk about the jeans themselves. Women have two options: the roomy Boyfriend jean and the sleek High-Waisted Skinny. Both are a dark denim with classic gold stitching. No crazy embellishments on the pockets or fake, machine-made distress. The signature patch is made of Hoween leather.

The High-Waisted Skinnys are incredibly versatile. Because of that classic styling, you can pair them with everything from sexy pumps to casual sandals. Wear them out at night with a low-cut top, or pair them with a blazer for a stylish office-casual ensemble.

woman wearing skinny jeans

Yes, these are my legs. Thought I’d show you a real person wearing these jeans!

The Boyfriend jeans are better suited for casual days. Cuff ’em and pair them with sandals and a cut T. Or leave them at their full length and slip on a leather belt and fitted top.

woman wearing loose fitting, cuffed jeans

Here’s my assessment of both styles overall.

  • Fit: Excellent. Good Skinny cuts are hard to come by, right? These are snug in the right places and don’t pitch in any of the wrong places (if you know what I mean). The Boyfriends in the same size were a touch big on me, but they’re definitely wearable.
  • Feel: I found both styles to be very comfortable. They have a nice give to them, but they still feel like jeans.
  • Styling: Perfect. I love a classic pair of jeans with no fancy bling.
  • Brand Promise: Delivered. I don’t know how many hours I’ve spent in my life searching for a good pair of affordable jeans. For the last several years, the only jeans I’ve purchased have been on sale at New York & Company. The regular price of New York & Co. jeans are about $50. Four Star Denim jeans are priced below $40 and the fit/feel is slightly better.

The Four Star Denim Details

Four Star Denim jeans are made of  a 9.3-oz. stretch denim from Denim North America based out of Georgia. The material breakdown is:

  • 78% cotton
  • 20% polyester
  • 2% Spandex

Other brands rely heavily on rayon in their denim. Rayon softens up the material somewhat, but there’s a downside. Rayon-heavy jeans tend to lose their shape over time. You ever noticed that a pair of jeans doesn’t ever seem to fit the way it did in the dressing room? The culprit might be too much rayon.

The folks at Four Star Denim tell me that they’ve tested their jeans thoroughly to ensure they keep their shape over time. I can’t vouch for that just yet, as I only slipped these jeans on for the first time yesterday.

How to Get Your Four Star Denim

Right now, Four Star Denim jeans are only available on here on Kickstarter. Pledge $39 to get your pair shipped to you for free in December. Let’s show some support to these folks, ladies.

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