Band-Aid Friction Block: Product Review

What: Angela glides on a little Band-Aid Friction Block

The Lowdown: In theory, Band-Aid Friction Block is a great idea. Instead of having to slap on some unsightly band-aids on those sore spots where new and/or impractical shoes rub you the wrong way, simply glide on a little Friction Block and go. The product itself is simple—like a tiny little deodorant stick, you just twist up, rub on the friction points (back of your ankle, pinky toe, etc.) and that’s that. And being a devotee of impractical footwear I had high hopes.

Let me first just say that I have read numerous glowing reviews about this product. But for me, quite frankly, it just didn’t work. I tried it first on my pinky toe, where my favorite new gladiator sandals from Target have a strap that irritates just a bit too much to tolerate for long. It worked at first, for about 10 minutes, and then back to the pain. I thought maybe I just hadn’t applied enough—I had expected that the Friction Block would be more substantial in texture, but its actually a little thin and greasy—so a heavier dose might do the trick? Again, good for a few minutes, and then nothin’.

I tried again with a new pair of flip flops, then gave it the ultimate test—walking the dog. And I have to say, for that 20 minutes or so, my feet were pain-free, so that was good. But the flip flops weren’t that bad to begin with—I really needed it to work on those gladiators. So, back to Band-Aids, which means they’re getting my money either way. Hmmm . . .

The Verdict: Sadly, a Nay. For upwards of $7, it just didn’t do the trick well enough or long enough to bother.

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