Banana Republic Puts Accessories to the Test

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What: You may recall that Banana Republic launched a concept store, BR Monogram, featuring an exclusive collection of high-end apparel. The store didn’t last more than nine months, but that wasn’t really the point. It was just a “test.” Well, Banana Republic is trying a similar thing with Edition, which will offer shoppers limited-edition accessories, most costing less than $100. None of the pieces will be sold online.

What They Say:

“Edition by Banana Republic – featuring limited-edition handbags and jewelry, along with some shoes, sunglasses and personal-care products from Banana Republic- will open exclusively in Gap’s hometown Westfield San Francisco Centre in May.”

What We Say: Shouldn’t most accessories cost less than $100, anyways? Isn’t that what makes them so great – dress up an old dress with a stylish, but sensibly priced belt? We’re not sure we can really afford “$79 jasmine chandelier earrings” right now. If this is Banana Republic’s attempt at appealing to budget shoppers, we’re not sure the retailer’s gonna start improving any time soon; the store’s been struggling like everyone else.

Are you crossing your fingers for this store, in hopes that its limited-edition accessories will end up in a Banana Republic near you?

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  • Target-Addict

    Good point, Mizwoochic; BR should create a plus-sized line (which is something they don’t have yet).  Why create a special and “exclusive” accessories line?  I just don’t get it.  BR already has a pretty extensive collection of shoes, bags, belts and perfumes in their REGULAR stores; why create another store for a special line?

    Maybe “BR Edition” will end up like “BR Monogram” did… absorbed into their retail stores as a separate (albeit higher-priced) line vs. having their own storefronts – ?

  • mizwoochic

    Instead of Banana Republic wasting their money on opening an yet another accessory stores why don’t they focus on creating clothes for the plus size customer?  They should think about increasing their sizing and then they’ll see money rolling in!