Banana Republic 2011 Signature Dress Collection is in Stores

What: Banana Republic’s 2011 Signature Dress Collection is in stores now. The prices range from $69.50 to $298 with the majority of the collection uner $100.

What They Say: The palette runs the gamut from statement solids punctuated with modern twists to bloom-covered offerings and ethnic prints drenched in the boldest kaleidoscope of hues. Think dainty hand-drawn florals and exuberant watercolors. Luxury also arrives via the feel and ease of the fabrics – silk, linen, cotton – each with a new lightness of being that’s best experienced at a leisurely pace. The softly structured silhouettes beckon to mind the quintessential patio cocktail party where summer was a dressed-up affair and conversations outnumbered dips in the pool.

What We Say: These dresses are ca-ute with a capital ‘C.’ We love that you can go buy a totally affordable dress for a formal occasion–can you say budget prom?– at Banana Republic and though some of these dresses near $300, which is a department store price (read: expensive), most of these are pretty reasonable for what you’re getting. Banana is clearly plugging in to the trends, especially bold floral prints, maxi dresses and military-inspiration and we’re picking up what they’re dropping down. Truly, this collection is a pleasant surprise, which is not to say we don’t like Banana Republic, but ordinarily we find their dresses overpriced and somewhat unremarkable, though cute. The point is, while you’re in the market for some spring dresses, this is a perfect place to start.


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