Bags Bonanza Site Review

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So we’ve reviewed in one of our previous posts, but we thought we’d separately check out its bag-specific site to report to all you lovely readers. After all, bags are their own realm of amazing.

Our Review: We’ll just say it like it is: We get tingly thinking about bags at a discount and on Bags Bonanza, there is definite savings potential. Of course, there are some items that aren’t discounted at all, but that comes with the territory, we suppose. Bags Bonanza, like it’s counterpart site, Bonanza, is comparable to eBay. Unlike, eBay, however, the bags are sold at a set price or sometimes for the best offer, but there is no bidding involved – for better or for worse.

We love the flexibility of ways to search this site. You can filter by brand, style color, material, condition, price, proximity to you or even just type something into the search field and press “go.” There are really inexpensive bags, like around $10 and there are super duper, out-of-this-world, pricey ones too, like a crocodile Hermes Birkin that will run you somewhere near $20K (we just had a panic attack thinking about ever spending that much on a bag).

So, clearly “affordable” doesn’t cover every item on this site but Bags Bonanza is a gosh darn goldmine. There are so many options here that you really can find a designer bag of your choosing and get it cheaper than in stores, and sometimes much cheaper. For example, we found a super trendy, vintage Fendi Handbag for $85! If you like to search, and if just ogling bags makes you happy (like it does for us), then you will truly have fun on this site and hopefully come away with a deal.

Verdict: Yea, yea, yea.

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  • Shelly Breuer

    I totally agree with you! Love Bags Bonanza! When it first came online, I checked it out, just out of curiousity. It was so fun, I kept coming back. There are interesting and irresistable bags that will draw you back to admire again and again. I didn’t think I needed a new bag, but when I looked at mine after browsing the website, I clearly DID need a new one. I bought a black leather Coach backpack style bag, and I am loving it!