Axe Body Wash

What: Kathryn “borrows” a bottle of AXE Shower Scrub to see how it works on a woman

Kathryn says: Let me start off by saying that I really dislike the Axe commercials. I understand that I’m not their target market, but the idea that a bodywash can make a dude who looks like a cross between Daffy Duck and the guy from the Ernest movies suddenly attractive to a hoard of beautiful women really bugs me. It’s misogynistic down to its core. Yet, men really like the product.

That being said, we received a big box of AXE products at the office to review for See Jack Shop, the brother site to TBF, and a bottle ended up in our shower at home (it was being reviewed by the hubby). It just happened to be placed in our shower on the day I ran out of my Dove Moisturizing Bodywash (love the Dove) and, being way to lazy to get out of the shower and search for a new bottle of soap, I decided to try out the AXE Snake Peel Shower Scrub with Desert Minerals + Cactus Oil and…..

I liked it. It smelled sort of like spiced oranges, which is a nice smell that wasn’t too “manly”, and the exfoliating beads were gentle- and didn’t make me feel like I was washing my body with liquid sandpaper. I like the bottle design as well cause it was made for someone use in the shower, with plastic grips on the side of the bottle, unlike some “women” centered brands that try to be so cute with the packaging that it misses the mark in terms of functionality. The color was a little too “Mountain Dew” for me, you know that “toxic goo” color, but the lather was thick and foamy, and, thank god, white.

While there were no women racing down 5th Avenue after me, a woman did give me her coupon for an extra 25% off sale merchandise at Macy’s, so maybe there’s something to the Axe scent.

Yea or Nay: Hmm Yea. Sort of. I mean, if you’re in a crunch and/or you really need something to cut through the “post-summer-workout-funk”, this product will do. Buy it for $5.49 at

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