Beauty Advice: At Home Teeth Whitening Solution

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Dear Budget Fashionista

I read on your site a comment from one of your readers that they use hydrogen peroxide once a day to rinse their mouth and keep their teeth white. What I would like to know is…is that a safe practice?

A: My advice is to first check with your dentist (a quick call should do the trick) about your particular dental needs and if your dentist gives the okay, go ahead with trying it out. A lot of people do rinse or brush their teeth with hydrogen peroxide and/or a hydrogen peroxide/baking soda mixture (by dipping the tooth brush in a small cup of hydrogen peroxide and then dipping it in a small amount of baking soda). I do know is that you have to be very careful not to swallow hydrogen peroxide and some people’s gums make not react well to the strength of the solution. Since I’m not a dentist, you should definitely consult with a professional first before trying this out.

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  • Manasvi

    I use baking soda on my tooth brush. I tastes funny but works and is a trick used by makeup artists. Eat lots of fruits and veggies as they are supposed to keep teeth white.

  • pamphyila

    I use it both for whitening & for my gums – seems to help –

  • kmester

    It must be safe, the new “tooth whitening pre-rinse” (made by Listerine) is nothing more than hydrogen peroxide with some coloring and mint flavor added to it.  Target markets their own store brand of the tooth whitening rinse that is substantially cheaper than the one made by Listerine.

  • elena

    its actually very bad for cavities

  • saa


    The hydrogen peroxide that is used for dentristy is a DIFFERENT KIND of HP.