Assets by Sarah Blakely Tights: Product Review

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What: Angela smooths things over with Assets Tights

The Lowdown: Okay, every celeb and fashionista out there sings the endless praises of Spanx, but at prices ranging from $28-$40 for tights, not all of us have the budget to justify owning a pair. Enter Assets, a budget version of the sin-forgiving body-shapers, from our favorite they-get-that-I-want-to-be-stylish-without-spending-my-kids’-college-fund retailers, Target, and Spanx’s very own Sarah Blakely. So lots of higher-end designers do budget lines for budget retailers these days, but does Assets hold up to the claims of flattening tummy, hips and thighs, lifting the rear, and eliminating panty lines?

In a word, yes. Really, it’s not any more complicated than that. Good quality tights that smooth out the bumps, without making me feel like I’m trapped in a sausage casing (admit it, we’ve all been there). And with Fall upon us, tights that look great, feel comfortable and make me look my best in even my more clingy Fall clothes are, well, pretty priceless.

Yea or Nay: Yea. Sure they’re $14 a pair—but they’ll hold up and do double duty as both an attractive tight AND a shaper.


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