Aprons: The Hot New Fashion Trend?

What: Aprons, yes, aprons, are becoming a hot new fashion trend, with American Apparel releasing a line of wearable aprons.

From TrendCentral: From cook-offs and farmers markets to The Food Network and foodie blogs, all things culinary are cool at the moment, with the latest entry being kitchen fashion: One of our trend reporters recently picked up on a new hipster movement of aprons being worn over dresses.

What We Say: We guess this shouldn’t come as a surprise seeing the massive popularity of foodie shows like Top Chef. However, this is one trend that we think you should consider passing on, if for no other reason than March is Women’s History Month and this might send out the wrong message. However, if you must, be on trend, then our advice is to head to your local Salvation Army/Goodwill and pick one up for less than $5 or go for an ultra cute retro apron like this one from Jessie Steele, that looks more like a dress, than an apron.

Would You Wear an Apron as Fashion?


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