Ann Romney's Pinterest Makes Us Hungry

Okay, we just discovered Michelle Obama’s Pinterest and put her “My Style” board — no, it doesn’t exist yet — on our wish list for the 2012 campaign. So now we’re exploring Ann Romney’s Pinterest, and while there’s not style notes there either, there ARE recipes. Delicious-looking recipes. Which, next to amazing budget-friendly fashion, is the reason god created Pinterest. Who can argue with butternut squash soup and homemade Reese’s-style peanut butter eggs???  But that’s just our opinion …

So all these First Lady and First Lady candidate Pinterest boards — Ann Romney’s is neck in neck with Mrs. O’s, by the way, in terms of pins AND followers, at this writing a total of a whopping 14 pins but a respectable 7,628 followers, to Michelle’s 16 pins and 9,151 followers — begs the question, do such social media outreach attempts really influence us in any way?  We have to admit, since we live and breathe online, they do get our attention at the very least.

We’d love to hear what you think however, and while we wait, we’ll be looking for someone willing to bake a loaf of Ann Romney’s banana bread for us (a healthier version with honey and applesauce!), because the truth is — despite all the recipes we pin on our own boards — we really don’t cook all that much.

Take a look at Ann Romney’s Pinterest here.


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