American Beauty “Beloved” Perfume: Product Review

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What: Angela attempts to get romantic with American Beauty’s “Beloved” perfume spray.

The Lowdown: “Beloved”—apparently the winner of the Fragrance Foundation’s 2009 “Fragrance of the Year” award—is one of those quintessential girly scents: floral, floral, floral, specifically featuring tuberose along with orange flower, stephanotis, and calla lilies. It’s a scent which their marketing team has determined “embodies the exhilaration of being in love.” Good to know they’re not into overstatement.

I’m just going to say it—I’m very picky about perfume, and florals are not my favorite, unless they’re on the very very light side. Unfortunately, “Beloved” is not. It’s actually quite heavy, and while it’s endorsed by the always-lovely and youthful-looking Ashley Judd, the scent itself? Kinda makes me think of lace doilies and hurricane lamps—in other words, leaning towards the senior citizen. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but I’m not quite there. As for staying power, should you want it to stick around? No better than average—though I will say, after a little time has passed, the scent is definitely less overwhelming.

The Verdict: Overall, and for the price (about $40 for 1.7 oz.), a nay. If you are a die-hard floral lover, you might want to sample it at the beauty counter, but we think there are much more interesting and modern scents out there, for the same price or less.

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  • Nancy

    I know this article is outdated but I have been so upset that the Beloved perfume by Ashley Judd was discontinued.  I am a senior citizen, but that has nothing to do with this statement, and I had more comments on that fragrance & people wanted to know where could they get it, and then Koh’s stopped selling it as she didn’t have it anymore.  I just wish I had a  case of it, as it is not loud and by no means smells like a senior citizen, whatever the h*** that might mean.  It is  my favorite over Chanel or any expensive perfume.  I hope to find it again one of these days.  Your opinion was not appreciated in the write up, so keep those negative comments to yourself, and if you havenn’t tried it, just don’t knock it, ok…….Nancy

    • Lorimmg

      I absolutely loved that fragrance! I had multiple strangers comment & ask what it was. I am not a senior citizen & I agree…age has nothing to do with it! I am extremely choosy about perfume & wish I could find another bottle of this. I don’t understand how this fragrance could have won so many awards & then be discontinued.