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These days, everybody and their brother is creating a “budget-conscious” website—and who doesn’t need to save money in this economic climate? That being said, just saying that your site is budget-focused doesn’t mean it offers any real value. So we decided to take a look at one such site— —and see if there are any real budget lessons we can take to the bank …

All You Site Review

Our Review: At first click, looks promising, which it should since it’s the companion site to the new All You magazine, published by Time Inc. It’s pretty, but substance is more our style, so we dug deeper.

Clicking around through the various categories (Food, Budget Home, Diet & Fitness, Style for Less), we found very little that hasn’t already been published 687 times in all those women’s magazines you find in the checkout lane (we’re all about recycling, but this isn’t what we had in mind). Naturally, the “Style for Less” section piqued our interest, but again nothing new. We were perplexed, too, when we hopefully checked out an article titled “Kick up your heels in affordable wedge sandals” only to find that the piece featured pics of three styles, but with no sources, prices, or links to buy. Next.

The one reason to bookmark this site? The coupon section. It’s been eons since we sat down with our Sunday paper and clipped coupons (who has time?), but “clipping” coupons here means simply scanning through the options, checking what you want, and printing. Additionally, there’s a daily savings blog that features additional clickable coupons and deals.

The Verdict: A Yea for the coupons and deals, a Nay for everything else. . .

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