All Those Broken Dishes, and Glasses: Recycle This

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We hate, hate, hate breaking dishes!  It really annoys us to have a salad plate short of a set. But ever since we learned to do mosaic, we find ourselves a lot calmer when the dish hits the floor.

Mosaic is an art form whereby a picture or design is constructed from smaller pieces.  These individual units that make up the design are called tesserae.  Tesserae can be pretty much anything: broken china, tile, pebbles, shells, beads, mirror, glass, buttons, marbles.  The possibilities are endless.  And so are the recycling opportunities!

Using broken dishes is an obvious opportunity, but what about your child’s broken or discarded toys?  Couldn’t that be an opportunity to make a cool piece of art for his or her bedroom? Broken terra cotta would make cool garden art and pebbles or marbles could be worked into cement to make decorative stepping stones.

Next time you break a plate, don’t fret! Just put it in a container and set it aside for your next art project!

Practice mosaic with these easy projects:

Mosaic a flowerpot

Mosaic a tabletop

Mosaic mirror

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