Alice Temperley for Target: In Stores Now

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What: Alice Temperley’s anticipated Go International line for Target, in stores now.

What the fashion heads say: From Sara Glassman, fashion editor at Mpls.St.Paul Magazine: “Fashionistas haven’t been this excited about anything since the Proenza Schouler for Target collection earlier this year.”

What I say: The Go International lines have been a boon for those of us wanting to look au current while watching the bottom line. As we’ve said before, we love Temperley London, and are thrilled to get a chance to put some Temperley in our own closets. The tagline for the collection cites the “English Countryside” as inspiration, so expect just that: pattern and subtle texture, a subdued palate, cozy knits and some understated ruffle detailing. The pieces featured here, by the way, range in price from $14.99 for the belt to $44.99 for the sweater coat.

Shop: @, and if you liked the Libertine collection, be sure to check out the clearance items here.

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  • I love the long sweater look. I think it looks good on a lot of people who aren’t skinny-minnies, but want to look fashionable.

  • this collection is so much fun! bravo to target and alice temperley.

    for those who complain about quality—i do it, too because quality is obviously important. but will you AT LEAST admit that a lot of reeeallly expensive fashion is lacking in that department, too?

    i have Chanel heels that made my feet bleed. i had a button fall off a cashmere donna karan coat within the first month of wearing it. and if you shop small boutiques with up-and-coming designers, you’ll see how often things are intentionally sewn to look handmade, with unfinished seams, no lining, synthetic fabrics, etc. oftentimes, that deconstructed, handcrafted look is why you’re paying the big $$$.


    I went to Target on the day the Temperely collection arrived.  Some of it is really lovely, but alot was disappointing.
    The jacket (white or blue) is nice, and the leaf sweater is a STANDOUT.  The leaf sweater is the bargain of the collection in my opinion.
    I also bought the Pibk & Black tops w/the French Knot at the bust which are very comfy.
    However, most of the dresses are WAY too short & the fabric seems cheap.  Only the Swiss Dot black dress w/Flutter Sleeves really looks like Temperley’s collections.
    The Black Sweater dress in all the fashion magazines is not in yet.
    Would love to know what others think.
    One more thing to all runs VERY SMALL. Truly for juniors.

  • Amy

    It’s all too tiny for me, but I did wish the black/white leaf sweater was in my size because it was lovely. Agree with all the other comments regarding quality and fabric feel, just “eh.” My local Target dropped the ball on signage, as it still had all the Libertine signs up in the GO Int. area. Seems like they’re losing their enthusiasm regarding the GO lines.

  • Shante

    This line is EVERYTHING you said it would be. I’ve got four dresses on my Target wishlist just waiting for payday. I went to the store to try some things on and the line is feminine, flirty, sophisticated and versatile enought to be dressed up, dressed down or dressed WOW! Thanks TBF! Once again you were right on point!

  • I made the same comment on my site! I haven’t been this excited about a Go International line since PS back in February. I went to 4 Targets on Sept. 16th looking for that blue wool Alice Temperley jacket. I finally scored one at the last stop and it was definitely worth it. I love all of the shirts, jackets, and dresses in this collection. I think the pants look a little cheesy in person. And I could do without the overalls, which are so not cool unless you’re a farmer.

    Anyhoo, Expect all of the good stuff to move quickly. So if you see it and you’re not sure if you like it- buy it, take it home, and return it later if you change your mind. I’m headed to my 5th Target today to see what’s left! LOL

  • I saw a couple of these pieces yesterday at Target and I loved them! I can’t wait to get my hands on them.

  • H

    I’m not a big Temperley fan. The Erin Fetherston collection is more my speed. I do have a friend, however, who LOVES Alice Temperely and made a quick dash to Target on Sunday to check out the line. She was completely underwhelmed, felt it was boring and that the quality was not very good. Her exact words were, “It looked so bad. cheap looking rayon fabric, boring designs. i’ve seen this all before at forever 21 and it was done a lot better. i’m so disappointed.”