African Inspired Fashion on a Budget

While African inspired fashion, namely African printed dresses and accessories, have been on trend for a while, it has been a challenge to find this fashion trend at affordable prices. Except for design-oriented budget stores like Target, Forever21 and Britian’s Primark, few retailers have known what to do with the aesthetically strong style.

The prints, often called wax prints because of the waxy covering on traditional versions of this fabrics, are vibrant and striking, eliminating the need for any other detail to your outfit (except for the occasional chunky wooden bangle).

I learned a few tricks for wearing the prints, while living in Ghana, West Africa like:

  • Make sure the print is in scale with your body (larger body/larger print, smaller body/smaller print)
  • Don’t be afraid to mix and match prints as long as their in the small color family
  • Make sure to emphasis your waist.
  • If you’re new to the print, stick with accessories.

Here are my picks for some budget-friendly versions of the African-inspired trend.

AFRICA Printed Shift Dress
AFRICA Printed Shift Dress, $85.47, ASOS
Beaded v-neck dress
Dahlia Tie Waist Chevron Print Dress
Dahlia Tie Waist Chevron Print Dress, $94.02, ASOS
Dotted Panel Silk Dress
Dotted Panel Silk Dress, $34.80, Forever 21
Embellished Silk-Blend Dresses
Women’s Plus Embellished Silk-Blend Dresses, $49.50, Old Navy
Glamazon Blazer
Glamazon Blazer, $85.47, ASOS
Crinkle Print Scarf
Crinkle Print Scarf, $16.95, New York & Company
Printed embellished v-neck Bra Top dress
Embroidered split-neck dress
Printed Beaded Halter Bra Top Maxi Dress
Printed short jumpsuit
Dana Buchman Zebra Jacket
Dana Buchman Zebra Jacket, $30.40, Kohl’s

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