Daylight Savings: Budget-Friendly Ways to Beat The Blues

Daylight savings in the fall – it’s a love-hate relationship. While it’s really hard to hate that extra hour of sleep, as I get older I’ve started to notice that it takes me longer to adapt. Losing light so that it’s dark by 5pm is really hard on the social life!

So seriously, how is a gal to combat feeling tired and sluggish at happy hour? Here are several free or cheap ways to perk up (and stay up!) all winter long.

Affordable Tips for Adjusting to Daylight Savings Time

Melatonin. Get as much of it as you can. Take a walk at lunch, and keep your blinds open at work. Gained from light, melatonin helps animals (aka humans) regulate our internal clocks.


Seratonin. Boost it by eating tryptophan-rich foods. Include these at least once a day. Go for chicken, soy, tuna, avocado, nuts, and of course – turkey.

Exercise. Best is to do it outside (see above). Breaking a sweat is key to surviving internal-clock disruptions such as jet-lag, time changes, and off-schedules.


Keep your promises. Darkness got you thinking about skipping your weekly running club? Toying with letting healthy food choices slide? Watching too much TV? Halt! Keeping your schedule (and promises) will boost your sense of confidence and pride. Simply feeling good about what you do will help you feel in control no matter what the light/weather.

What are YOUR tips for adjusting to Daylight Savings Time with ease?


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