6 Winter Beauty Tips You Can Start Using Now

Alas, the season of  OMG-it’s-so-cold  is upon us.  Words like cozy attach to pieces of our wardrobe (aren’t these leggings just so cozy?!) and adding layers becomes fundamental to getting dressed.

Of course, our hair and skin have their own set of rules to abide in order to stay strong and healthy against the bitter elements. Pay mind to these suggestions now, and you’ll maximize your beauty all season long.

Winter Beauty Tips You Should Know!

Get Slick

Oil is having a moment in skin and hair care as its benefits boast balancing, brightening and moisturizing.  Sure, there are plenty of products sold in the store with an emphasis on beauty, but you could find what you need right in your kitchen!  If your skin feels thirsty, apply some Avocado Oil to soften and hydrate.  And Coconut Oil can help the itch on those scaly elbows and knees.  Just remember only use organic and cold or expeller pressed oils.

Scale Back on the Shampoo

Washing the hair every day strips strands of their natural oils leaving them prone to dry and static-y looks.  Try cutting back to every second or third day, and always add conditioner right after.  If you’ve got oily hair that tends to get greasy, try a dry shampoo in between washing.  It’s like hitting the refresh button for your locks!

Open Up to Eye Cream

While most would never leave the house without moisturizing their faces, they may overlook their eyes where dehydration and drying do occur.  This delicate area doesn’t produce oil, therefore it’s key to keep adding moisture from a cream.  Make sure to pat gently during application as not to over stress the area.

Spritz the Mist

Though it may seem only summer appropriate, a spray-on mist works well in winter too!  Use it like a toner — right before moisturizing– so it can increase your skins ability to absorb water and nutrients.  For the most effective hydration, look for a mist made of essential oils, or hyaluronic acid.  Apply moisturizer on still wet skin.

Get Your Gloves On

Too often our hands get left out in the cold (literally!) when it comes to beauty tips.  To prevent cracked cuticles and overall dryness on your hands, wear gloves when heading outdoors.  While inside, get into the habit of using hand lotion regularly, and rubbing cuticle oil around the nails.  For an intense treatment, slather on heavy cream and sleep in a pair of dishwashing gloves to seal in moisture.

Bathe in Milk

It sounds strange—we know—but the natural fats and lactic acid derived from milk add major nourishment to the skin.   Add two cups of skim milk to lukewarm water, and bathe your way to a soft and smooth complexion.


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