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Tell the Time in Style — Best Watches $50 and Under

I love watches! Sure they tell you what time it is, but watches are also stylish, fun and versatile. I searched high and low for five summer watches that celebrate the season — and all are priced $50 or less. How great is that?

Affordable Summer Watches: Top Picks

Beautiful bezel

This piece features a blue bezel and a mesh silver band, imparting a high-end feel. The sleek design makes this a nice choice for your more polished outfits — for work or play. It would pair well with any elevated long-sleeved shirt or sweater and could even make an appearance alongside a crystal bracelet, with an LBD.

Neon statement maker

Neon orange is everywhere right now, but it’s not the easiest color to meld into your existing wardrobe. If you’re not ready to go full neon, a few key accessories can transform last year’s outfit into something very “now.” Earrings, a neck scarf, nail polish, and — of course — a watch are great options. Bold and bright, this timepiece stands out enough that no one will ever notice you’re wearing that checked blazer from a year ago.

Go for the gold-toned

This gold-toned piece flatters warmer skin tones and makes a statement at the same time. It’s styling feels like something between jewelry and timepiece, which means you can go minimal on other accessories. Wear it to work or on a date — either way, you’ll stick to the timeline in style.

Unique unisex

Active ladies need a watch that holds up to abuse. This all-rubber design fits the bill, and features a large, easy-to-read face. It’s available in several colors, including red, blue and black. The brown and blue combo, though, makes for a sporty-looking stunner, perfect for the gal who is thrifty and also ready for a workout. Wear this watch at the beach with your favorite brightly colored athleisure pieces.

The daily driver

A gray and rose-gold design makes this watch an easy pick for daily wear, as a complement to gold or silver jewelry. Thanks to neutral-on-neutral tones and minimalist styling, this inexpensive watch is super versatile. It’ll look right at home with jeans and tidy t-shirt, or with that power suit you wear on the weekdays.

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