5 Hot Workout Outfits On A Budget

It’s always this time of year when new year’s resolutions begin to wane. Sure, you’ve been reading your one book every two weeks. Yes, you’ve been flossing every day. Taking your vitamins. Calling your parents. But in truth, we all know what the most common and hardest to stick to promise is – and that’s exercise. Sure, on December 31st you pledged to be more fit this year. Workout five times a week. Mix it up. Sign up for a race. And then it’s March, and the invigorating novelty of being super healthy just isn’t as motivating as it was in January. You’re starting to feel bored, a little “oh this again.” So, what’s a girl to do? In this time of need, there is only one thing that will revive the thrill: Clothes. Yep, go shopping. And it doesn’t have to break your budget – here are five wallet-friendly workout outfits that won’t lean your wallet, but will definitely make you feel as hot as you’ve been working for.

1. Lululemon: I’m sure you are thinking “there is no cheap item in that store” – but, have you ever shopped the “we made too much” section? Here, you will find what I like to call “sale” items – for about 30% off. Luckily, workout clothes never go out of style since they always have a function, so stock up. This hot running jacket with long sleeves and finger holes is a favorite of mine – Forme Jacket *Brushed (only $89)

2. Gap: I love GapFit – Gap’s line of workout gear. Ranging from pants to shirts, bras and socks, you can basically outfit yourself for less (especially if you buy those seasonal sale items!). I love the fitness pants that come in a variety of lengths and fit. These Distance Capris are only $49.95 and can be worn for virtually anything.

3. Target: Of course Target has it’s own collection by Champion. I love the bras that I get at target, and the option to buy literally everything I’d ever need (from hair ties to running socks) makes a trip to Target  a one-stop-shop that promises affordable finds. My favorite bra is this Racer Back bra for only $12.99 that comes in the entire rainbow of colors.

4. Forever21: I fell in love with F21’s athletic line when I realized I could get pants, bras, and shirts for an average of $10-$20 a pop. Check out these cute Ruched Skinny Workout Pants for only $10.80!

5. Old Navy: Shop for the whole family’s worth of workout essentials. I pretty much live in my Compression Pants ($18).



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