Best Bathing Suits for Summer 2014 For Those Who Tan

Let’s be real. We select our summer bathing suits based on these two reasons:

1. Do I look and feel totally amazing in this bathing suit?

And, if you’re the type of person who tans…

2. What will the tan lines look like?

Here’s our picks

The One-Piece.


Many people I know shy away from the one-piece. They fear looking frumpy, making their torso pale and their arms and legs tan, or simply appearing eight years old. But here’s a secret: the one-piece is totally sexy, looks great on EVERY body type, and if you buy it right will tan all the right places. I love this one from Forever21 because it has that “leave a bit to the imagination” while still showing some skin that maintains the classy one-piece air yet totally shows your bod. Only $22.80, check out the orange.

The Strapless.

Forever 21 Ruched Bikini

I’m a fan of this classic “no tan lines, tan line” since I’ll be able to wear any kind of top and just look….well…tan. But, what I hate is when it falls down. Or droops. C’mon, gravity! Or, the worst, when it’s shapeless and like a piece of cloth was tied around my chest. I mean…let’s be real: I don’t want a uni-boob. So, check out this strapless from Forever21 for under $30. It has the shape we love but none of the straps we don’t. Looks good on anyone who dares to bare.

The tankini and boyfriend shorts: Just say no.

The Halter.


I love this top because it always makes my chest look great. The halter affect brings ’em in and pushes ’em up, and the strap lines can be kept at a minimum on the front my applying SPF. No lines in the back, so no need to worry about the dreaded “back straps.” Again, compliments every figure. This one from Forever21 is simple and patterned for under $30.

There ya go – what to wear, why, and where to get it (tan lines not included). Shop more from Forever21 bathing suit collection and try out all the different looks.