The $13 Piece You Can Wear 13 Ways This Summer

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It’s pushing triple-digit heat throughout most of the US right now, but that didn’t stop me from buying a cardigan. Seriously! I wandered into H&M the other day and picked up this sheer summer cardigan for $12.99 — and my mind is reeling with the possibilities for this inexpensive layering piece. Here’s a closer look at the $13 piece and 13 ways to wear it.


Sheer Cardigan, $12.99, H&M

No. 1 Over Sleeveless Tops to the Office

The trick to maximizing your fashion budget is buying clothes that you wear a lot. If you live in a seasonal climate, you are challenged with managing a seasonal wardrobe — since the stuff you buy for winter doesn’t get worn in the hotter months. A light cardigan can help you use the same pieces even when the weather hits both extremes. As an example, I have several sleeveless shell tops that I wear underneath heavier cardigans and blazers in the winter. In the summer months, they usually sit idle in the closet because sleeveless alone is just too casual for the office.

torso of woman wearing cardigan over sleeveless top

This sheer cardigan solves that. Layer it over your sleeveless tops for a work-appropriate ensemble.

No. 2 Over Shorts at Sunset

model wearing shorts and sheer cardigan

Cardigans are like the tofu of fashion — they take on the personality of what you wear with them. A sheer cardigan looks as right with shorts as it does with a summer dress.

No. 3 Over Anything in an Airport or Movie Theater

If you’re prone to getting cold in air-conditioned places, stash this cardi in your over-sized bag and throw it on when you need it. Even better, see No. 6 below.

No. 4 Over a Bralette

The right bralette makes a cute base for a light cardigan. Wear this pair for a day out shopping when the bralette by itself is too much skin.


No. 5 With a Skinny Belt

Add a skinny belt to your cardigan to give your outfit a more structured look.

No. 6 Tied Around Your Waist

Here, Kirsten Dunst keeps her cardi within arm’s reach when traveling.

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