Top 10 Summer Straw Hats

While we love the sun, especially after April’s showers, the sun doesn’t always love us. So a good hat, that provides both protection and style, is a must-have for anyone thinking about heading to the beach. We searched the web to find some great summer straw hats.

11. Ribbon Straw Fedora, $29,

2. Round Crown Floppy Hat, $12.99, Target

3. Large Brim Hat, $12.80, Forever21

24. Straw Roll Brim Boater, $26.90,

5. Pins and Needles Floppy Hat, $29, Urban Outfitters

6. Ditsy Corsage Trilby, $35, Accessorize

37. Traditional Boater, $40, Topshop

8. Straw Floppy Hat with Bow, $35, Nine West

9. Ocean Breeze Fedora, $27.99, Fred Flare

410. Beaded Trim Straw Hat, $16.94, Old Navy

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