10 Steps to an Organized Closet

Much like getting a haircut, your nails done, or your car washed—organizing your closet is a great way to save yourself time every day and de-clutter your life on a whole. Luckily, organizing your closet for the new year doesn’t have to take a whole year—with these 10 easy steps, here’s how you can organize your closet for seasons to come.

An Organized Closet in 10 Easy Steps!

1. Hangers. Make sure you have the right ones for your clothes. Hangers with padding help keep silk and other slippery pieces from dropping to the floor. Heavy wood hangers are great for jackets and coats. And of course, the plastic hangers with clips are perfect for pants and skirts.

2. Pegboard. Not only for the kitchen! Mount a piece of this to your closet door or back wall and screw in pegs and hooks. Great for hanging purses, scarves, etc.

3. Plastic Boxes. Great for stacking, I love these for socks, nylons, headbands, and all other accessories.

4. Shoe Shelf. Hangs on the rod, but with separate and open compartments, you can store flats, sandals, etc so you can leave the room on the floor for your boots and taller heels.

5. Labels. Add labels to your shelves so you know where to go quickly for long sleeves, winter sweaters, or anything else you have folded and stacked.

6. Categorize. I’m a huge fan of hanging all pants and slacks together, all blouses, all dresses, etc in separate sections. This way, I know  what I’ve got clean by piece – so, if I need a blouse, I can quickly go to the blouse section and grab a pick.

7. Vertical Space. Use it! You know that section just above the closet rod? Turn it in to a shelf. Here, you can stack sweaters and workout clothes, or use dividers to keep wallets, purses, and handbags in up-right line.

8. Use the Door. Hang a mirror!

9. Stash a Ladder. You’ll never use the vertical space if you can’t easily reach it. Grab a mini kitchen stool and keep it in the closet for easy and continuous access.

10. Cleanse. You know that pair of pants you’re keeping “for a painting day”? The sweatshirt with holes from ten years ago? The retired pair of running shoes that “you might need just in case”? Donate or toss – my rule of thumb is “if you haven’t worn it or thought about it in 3 months (and it’s not seasonal), then out it goes.”

Have your own tips to share for an organized closet? Tell us your must-dos in the comments!