Editorial Calendar & Guidelines

If you’re interested in contributing content to Budget Fashionista, please review our calendar, mission and editorial guidelines carefully, and then plan your content accordingly.

2019 Editorial Calendar


  • Date Night Advice
  • Awards Night Preview
  • Fitness Fashion


  • Awards Night Recaps
  • Runway Looks for Less
  • Spring Fashion Week Highlights


  • Spring Trends Preview (Fashion, Beauty, Hair, Color Palettes)
  • Spring Wedding Trends (Fashion, Beauty, Hair)


  • Beauty and Fashion for Moms
  • How to Wear the ___ Trend this Spring
  • Prom Style Preview


  • Summer Trends Preview (Fashion, Beauty, Hair, Color Palettes)
  • Swimwear Preview


  • Summer Picks (Dresses, Shoes, Accessories)
  • How to Wear the ___ Trend This Summer
  • Summer Wedding Trends (Fashion, Beauty, Hair)


  • Summer Beauty Trends/Buys
  • Celebrity Beach Style for Less


  • Fall Trends Preview (Fashion, Beauty, Hair, Color Palettes)


  • Fall Fashion Week Highlights
  • Fall Essential Pieces
  • TVs Best Dressed


  • Breast Cancer Awareness
  • Halloween Fashion
  • How to Wear the ___ Trend this Fall


  • Winter Trends Preview (Fashion, Beauty, Hair, Color Palettes)
  • Gift Guides
  • Winter Skincare


  • Holiday Beauty and Fashion
  • How to Wear the ___ Trend this Winter
  • Best Looks of 2019

Year-round Topics

  • How to Wear ___ When You’re (Big, Small, Tall, Short, Old, Young)
  • How to Dress Like (Celebrity) for Less
  • How to Shop for ____ (ankle boots, perfume, cocktail dresses, etc.)
  • DIY Hair and Beauty
  • How to Style ____ (ankle boots, perfume, cocktail dresses, etc.)

Budget Fashionista Mission

To provide actionable, on-trend fashion advice for women who love looking great without spending a fortune

At Budget Fashionista, we are fun, friendly, down-to-earth, and confident. When you are writing for our readers, you are talking to your friends, but you’re never judgy or snooty. You’re writing with a smile on your face and you love nothing more than stepping out feel empowered and beautiful and a tad frugal. Our readers value your opinion; be yourself!

Editorial Guidelines

  • Posts must be 100% unique and the content must belong to you.
  • In order for Budget Fashionista to publish your content, you must transfer ownership rights of the content to us. This means you cannot post the content elsewhere or use it later in any way.
  • You will need to include images with your content, and you must have the right to publish the images you provide.
  • Posts must be at least 375 words in length.
  • Do not include affiliate links.
  • Show readers fashion pieces/outfits/accessories to buy and tell readers how they can wear those pieces effectively.
  • Show readers how they can translate runway looks into wearable, affordable outfits.
  • Demonstrate a higher-than-average level of knowledge about fashion.
  • Get creative with the calendared themes by writing for a specific age group, body type or occasion
  • If you are writing about a holiday (like Valentine’s Day), send your draft at least four weeks before the holiday.
  • It’s always OK to cover hot trends even if the content doesn’t fall in line with our editorial calendar.
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