Perfect Ten: Creating The Perfect Work Wardrobe

A Pair of Great Fitting Jeans—Every closet must have at least one pair of great fitting jeans. Two are even better. Discount leader offers a custom jean service.

Black Dress—A closet staple, the “little black dress” should be made of a sturdy but lightweight fabric like a cotton/rayon blend. Avoid heavy wool fabrics that counteract the slimming effects of the color and limit wear during the warmer seasons.

Three Spandex T-shirts—Purchase three cotton/spandex shirts in the following colors: black, white, and another, brighter color (that suits you well). These shirts help stretch your closet and are perfect for layering as well as wearing alone. The Perfect Fit stretch t-shirts are the best.

Tote Bag—One of these bags serves double duty as a briefcase during the week and a shopping bag on the weekend.

Sneakers—You’ll need one pair of sneakers that can be worn both for workouts and casual activities like shopping.

Trench Coat/All-Weather Coat—A classic trench coat can be worn as an all-weather coat and a dress (make sure the buttons of the coat extend to at least 3 inches above your knee). Look for coats with a removable lining to increase usage.

Khakis/Chinos/Brown Pants—A weekend staple, chino-style pants add diversity to your outfits.