VOGUE 100 Under $100

What: This year’s VOGUE September issue featured hundreds of fall trends, all for under $100. This feature is now available online.

Fashion Mags On Their Way Out?

What: Fashion magazines are the Pink Elephant in the room right now – as everything moves to the World Wide Web and the recession continues to affect retailers, we have to wonder how much life expectancy they really have. The clock truly is ticking for our favorite style rags. The WDD recently reported that ads […]

Vogue Gets Budget Friendly?

What: You know recession-chic has gone mainstream when even Vogue is buying in. The fashion bible has gone “budget-conscious” for its July issues by introducing “Steal of the Month” items, along with a section full of clothing and accessories all under $500. The frugal focus is part of the magazine’s attempt to become cost-conscious—in light […]

Vogue Goes Budget with Picks for Under $100

What: Vogue continues to go “cheap chic” with a spread this month’s issue featuring classic pieces for under $100. What We Say: You know things are bad when Vogue features $30 sandals from Macy’s house line Style &Co. Regardless, we give a big fat “Bravo” to Vogue for coming over (or being forced over) to […]

Is Plus Size In?

What: Ms. Anna (Wintour), Vogue’s Editor in Chief,  is generating buzz throughout the fashion industry via her props of Grammy winner Adele’s plus size fashion sense. Some say a plus size fashionista on the cover of Vogue is in the works. From Nancy LeWinter, OneStopPlus.com–  “62% of all American women (18 or older) wearing a […]

Anna Wintour Goes Budget (Well, in Theory)

What: Anna Wintour, Editor In Chief of American Vogue Magazine and, I suspect, undercover Wal-Mart shopper, gives her two cents on the importance of value in fashion. From Wall Street Journal’s Rachel Dodes Interview with Anna Wintour: Are you trying to add more moderately priced clothes to fashion spreads? I think we need to give […]

Anna Wintour Ambassador to France or England?

What: Rumor mill is churning that the Devil Who Wears Prada herself, Anna Wintour, may be up for an ambassadorship to England or France. What They Say: From Fashion Week Daily: Granted, her résumé lists all the qualifications–flawless organizational skills, an enviable Rolodex, hostessing experience to spare. (Think a State dinner is tricky to finagle? […]

Vogue Italia Black Issue: Win This!

What: Vogue Italia’s July issue is a historical one: it addresses the issue of racial inequality in the fashion world by filling its editorial pages with models of color from Naomi Campbell to up-and-comers like Sessilee Lopez. Why You Want This: Vogue Italia isn’t exactly available at the grocery checkout line and even if you […]