Site Review

The Lowdown: Now that we’re all hopelessly dependent on the Internet to function in our day to day lives (okay, maybe that’s a slight overstatement, but you get the point) the next big thing in websites seem to be those that send us alerts on all the information we need without us even having to […]

La Grande Dame: High Fashion Plus Size Site Review

The Lowdown: Here at TBF—and in just about every group of real women we’ve ever encountered—one of our biggest shopping complaints is the lack of fashionable options for women who aren’t a size 8. Finding affordable options that you’d actually want to wear out of the house is even harder. And while Lane Bryant is […] Site Review

Here at TBF, we’re suckers for a little style inspiration, and since we live online a site called “” is something we’re not going to pass up without a closer look. Our Review: Any site that opens with a chance to enter a $10,000 sweepstakes gets our attention, as is the case with But […] Site Review

These days, everybody and their brother is creating a “budget-conscious” website—and who doesn’t need to save money in this economic climate? That being said, just saying that your site is budget-focused doesn’t mean it offers any real value. So we decided to take a look at one such site— —and see if there are any […] Site Review

Everyone has less cash to spend these days, but let’s face it—a girls gotta keep herself up. And if you’re in the big city (say New York, or LA) the prices usually carry the highest budget damage potential. Enter—a site that is a scheduling center of sorts, for all those beauty rituals we’ve become […]

The New Site Review

We’ve long been fans of at TBF, as a source for picking up designer clothes for less (which isn’t a necessity, but certainly eases the bottom line for the designer-addicted among us). We have to admit though, we haven’t always been fans of their site design. Apparently, Shopbop wasn’t either, and—to the great delight […] Site Review


Ever wish you could pick up some cool independent pieces—like the ones the celebs all seem to know about—without having to fly to some boutique in L.A. or New York? Well, in the true spirit of the Internet age, brings independent fashion to you. So, now that the boutique is in your living room, […] and Site Review

A few years back, Avon decided to update its image and target a younger demographic, so they added Mark —a line of makeup designed to be used, and sold, by young women. The line has never made a huge splash, as far as we know, but we’ve always been a fan of Avon, even if […] Site Review

In the world of beauty Sephora is a trusted name, and while some of their offerings are out of our everyday beauty budget range, we find enough quality products that are either minor splurges or a deal on sale to keep us coming back. But more and more, we’d like to do our beauty shopping […] Site Review

Oh, Kohl’s. We always have such high hopes for you, as you add designer lines (Vera Wang, Dana Buchman) and what should be fun and interesting brands and collections (Daisy Fuentes and Elle). And yet, we end up coming away either disappointed or with an overwhelming sense of “eh”. Still, we’ve seen glimpses of good […]