Listen: Super Star Vanessa Williams Shares Her Beauty Secrets

As the first black Miss America, Vanessa Williams certainty paved the way for African Americans in the 80’s and continues to amaze us with her fashion icon status, musical talents, and diverse acting credits, including her recent stint on Ugly Betty as the uber-villainous diva Wilhelmina and her role on Desperate Housewives (love her!!). So, […]

Listen in: Everlife Goes from Disney to Adulthood

Today I chat with the wonderful singing group/sister trio Everlife. The Ross sisters – Amber (25), Julia (20) and Sara (23) – signed to Nashville’s SHELTERecords as teenagers before moving on to Disney’s Buena Vista Records/Hollywood Records, giving them the opportunity to perform for millions of fans while on major tours with teen superstars The […]

Go Fug Yourself: Go Fugly Girls on Today’s Shoptalk Lifestyle Podcast

Today I chat with two of my blogging heroes, Heather Cocks and Jessica Morgan of The blogging heir apparents to Mr. Blackwell, the Go Fug Yourself Girls dish about their humble beginnings, red carpet fashion offenders, and the current rash of self-appointed “stylists”. And of course, their new book, Go Fug Yourself Presents The […]

Shoptalk Lifestyle Podcast Round-Up

This week, we revisit the best so far of this season’s Shoptalk Lifestyle Podcast, as Kathryn chats with Miss America 2008, TLC’s Doug Wilson, and supermodel and fashion icon Iman, on everything from home style, to pageant style, to Global Chic, and much, much more . . .

Shoptalk Lifestyle Podcast Series: Kim France and Andrea Linett, Lucky Magazine

Today on the Shoptalk Fashion and Lifestyle Podcast Series, I chat with Lucky Magazine’s Kim France and Andrea Linett regarding their new book, The Lucky Guide to Mastering Any Style. Knowing what works for you is more important than any designer label and even more important in hard economic times.  The book provides the essentials: […]

Shoptalk Lifestyle Podcast Series: TLC’s Doug Wilson

Welcome to another exciting season of Shoptalk—Fashion and Lifestyle Podcast. This season I’m chatting with some of my favorite peeps and brands like the editors of Lucky Magazine, TLC’s Doug Wilson, and financial guru Kelli Grant. Be sure to check out my two part interview with supermodel, mom, and CEO Iman (note: we discuss everything […]

Shoptalk: Measha Brueggergosman, Canadian Opera Diva

I love Maesha Brueggergosman (pronounced: Mee-sha Brew-ger-gaus-man). Seriously, I have a MAJOR “girl-crush”  on the Canadian Opera diva. Maybe it’s her cool hair (her hair tips are amazing and budget friendly).  Or that her new album, “Surprise”,  which was just released this fall on Deutsche Grammophon, gave me a new appreciation for classical music.  Or […]

Kathryn Chats with Laura Bryna Country Western Superstar

Today I chat with beautiful country western “supastar”,Laura Bryna. who gives me tips on rocking rhinestones, the power of good thick socks, and what it’s like to be friends with Roberto Cavalli (I imagine it involves lots of leopard printed silk). Besides being amazingly cool (listen to the interview and you’ll see), she’s also a […]

Shoptalk: Anastasia Brown, Country Music Super Producer and Judge USA Network’s Nashville Star

There’s nothing I like more than chatting with fun, interesting, intelligent women who also know how to shop, which is why my interview with Anastasia Brown, Country Music Super Producer and the “honest” judge on USA Network’s ‘Nashville Star”, was nothing but pure joy. This woman has worked with EVERYONE… John Travolta to Robin WIlliams […]