The Best Stores for Wide Width Shoes

wide wdth shoes

Dear Budget Fashionista, I love shoes, I want shoes, but I have a bunion and need wide shoes (I wear a 7w). I’m nervous about buying online because the fit is so important, especially with wide feet. When I shop in store, all I can find are elderly orthopedic shoes. Is it possible to buy […]

Repost: A Holiday Shopping Plan that Will Keep Cash in Your Wallet and Keep You Sane

Throw everything you’ve ever thought about holiday shopping out the window because it’s time for a massive reality check. We are officially in a recession, and while the results of Black Friday may show otherwise, America is broke. So this holiday season, it’s time for you to go old school- coupons, price comparison and shopping […]

How to Shop Nordstrom Rack

When it comes to swoon-worthy fashion, nobody does it better than Nordstrom. However, if your champagne taste requires a beer budget, then it’s time to hit Nordstrom Rack. The department store’s off-price outlets offer similar brands at 30 to 70 percent off. If you aren’t near one of 95 stores, you might be in luck […]

Shop MICHAEL Michael Kors Shoes on Sale at Nordstrom

The Deal: Shop MICHAEL Michael Kors Shoes on Sale at Nordstrom The Lowdown: We’re huge fans of Michael Kors and we’ll jump at the opportunity to purchase his more budget-friendly lines, like MICHAEL Michael Kors. The guy knows women’s shoes — he produces unique, yet versatile footwear for us fashionistas, and now you can get […]