DIY Organizing Tips from ShopSmart Magazine

The days of never-ending cups of eggnog and Hanukkah cards from your cousin Geraldine in Amsterdam are over.  Translation?  The holidays have officially ended, and you’re left with an armful (or two or three) of post-holiday goodies.  Yup, hand knit holiday sweaters from Grandma Rose, souvenirs from your sister who studied abroad in Minsk, and […]

How to Make Detergent

It’s a well-known fact that upon returning from grocery shopping, the kitchen a mess and in desperate need of a clean load of dishes, you will then (and only then) realize you are out of dish washing detergent. Frustrated, you might consider grabbing your keys and running back to the store and picking up some […]

How to Make a Flower Pot Pen Holder

Who knew that terracotta pots have so many craft uses? We came across this project on and loved that the simple materials and process could create something so cute. It’s a glorified pen holder that doubles as decoration for your home office or desk. When you’re paying bills, you can glance up at the […]

How to Make A Checkerboard Tray

Shouts of “king me!” will echo throughout your dwelling after you make this project. It’s a checkerboard. It’s a serving tray. It’s a breakfast-in-bed tray. Or, it’s all three simultaneously. While idly walking through our favorite crafts store, our eyes darted to a checkerboard stencil. In the very next aisle, we spotted a wooden tray, […]

How to Make Envelopes

If the envelopes on your thank you cards are cheery and unique, their recipients may forgive you for sending them months late. Okay, maybe we’re just trying to rationalize our personal faux pas. When we came upon a method for making homemade envelopes on , we were reminded of a neat seller The Budget […]

How to Make a Customized Serving Tray

Looking for a pretty tray to display small items on, or to serve drinks or snacks on? A customized serving tray can be used for many different decorating uses, and won’t take up much space. Make one yourself for a custom look – you just need some glue, a tray and some fabric and you’ll […]

River Rock Place Cards: DIY

There’s just something appealing about bringing the elements of nature into your table design — not only does it add a comfortably rustic look, but it also is a nice way to “green” your décor. Our suggestion? For your next get-together, try making place cards out of river rocks. It couldn’t be simpler: all you […]

Cork and Button Picture Hanger: DIY

As you know, we’re always looking for cute ways to display our photographs . We came across this project on and decided to jazz it up a bit. We added a lot more buttons and a nifty gold string. This DIY is fun, easy and you can do it over and over for gifts, […]