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  • Yea or Nay: K-Mart

    This week’s Yea or Nay is all about K-Mart, which still manages to hang on despite being surrounded by cheaper (Wal-Mart) and more stylish (Target) stores. Here’s some facts (well at least as I see it) about K-Mart…. 1. K-Mart was one of the first major discount department stores to do a celebrity fashion line [...] Read More

    November 5, 2007 by TBF

  • Fashion + Style

    Hot Maternity Clothes

    “THESE PRODUCTS ARE NO LONGER BEING SOLD” A few months ago, I wrote a very well received post on where to find stylish maternity clothing and featured the site Destination Maternity, home to maternity stores like the expensive A Pea in the Pod, the more sedate Mimi Maternity, and the budget (and plus size) friendly [...] Read More

    November 1, 2007 by TBF

  • Fashion Advice: Plus Size Evening Dress

    “THESE PRODUCTS ARE NO LONGER BEING SOLD” Dear Budget Fashionista- I am a plus-sized woman and was just invited to a black-tie optional event in early December.  I’m 28 and don’t want to look 58.  On top of that, I’d like to cover my arms (or at least the tops- I hate them!) and disguise [...] Read More

    November 1, 2007 by TBF

  • Fashion + Style

    Yea or Nay: Dove Commericals

    Recently,  Dove released a new ad as a part of its Real Beauty Campaign. Even though, I was one of the first bloggers to give Dove props for it’s well-meaning-but-overly- simplistic Evolution ad, the current onslaught of ads (called onslaught, pun intended), make me cringed. Am I the only one who feels a bit manipulated [...] Read More

    October 29, 2007 by TBF

  • The Guide to Bras

    Best Bras: Bra Tips for VERY Large Chested Women

    Dear Budget Fashionista: I need some serious help! I have HUGE breast (44J) and I need help finding a good bra that fits. Answer:Figure Magazine recently wrote some great tips on finding a good bra if you cup “runneth over” which included, looking for spillage, focusing on wide straps, and making sure the middle section [...] Read More

    October 28, 2007 by TBF