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    The Look for Less: Library Cupboards

    . Science has shown that bookshelves with cupboards can raise you IQ. Okay, maybe not. But people will think you look smart with your collection garage sale books and antique store finds safely behind the lovely glass shelves. The bookshelf above from Crate and Barrel is $499. The just-as-lovely Target Barrister shelf is only $139.99 [...] Read More

    December 17, 2007 by LyzL

  • Fashion + Style

    Rogan and Target: Designer to Do Line at Big Box Store

    Rogan Gregory, the designer behind the Rogan and Edun (Bono’s socially conscious line), is joining Target for a limited edition collection. While it’s unclear whether the line will include items for men, the line is scheduled to be in stores spring/summer 2008. Target.com [...] Read More

    December 17, 2007 by TBF

  • Fashion + Style

    Yea or Nay: Jazz Shoe

    First it was the return of leggings. Then it was lycra catsuits.  Now, it’s jazz shoes. Jazz Shoes, Yea or Nay? [...] Read More

    December 17, 2007 by TBF

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    Really, Really Cheap Holiday Gifts: Christmas Tree to Be

    What: Christmas Tree to Be, complete with soil and seeds for the recipient to plant their own holiday tree for future generations. The kit comes complete with the bag to start the seeds in, which we imagine will need to be moved outside later. Who to Give it To: Someone in a new house for [...] Read More

    December 16, 2007 by Angela

  • Fashion + Style

    DIY: Ghost Furniture

    Ghost Furniture, a UK-based company, buys vintage furniture and restores it with a modern, eco-chic look. But you don’t have to spend the big bucks to get furniture like this. My first summer after college I had a hard time finding a job that would take me for only three months. So, I went to [...] Read More

    December 16, 2007 by LyzL