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    How to Save Money on Eyeglasses

    Is there a logical reason why new eyeglasses cost $300-$500? Could I find a better deal online? These are the questions that have been swirling around in my mind as Tobias and I both search for a pair of new glasses before the end of the year (and the end of our 2006 flexible spending [...] Read More

    December 27, 2006 by TBF

  • Fashion + Style

    Gift Advice: Swap it with SwapThing

    Several years ago, my dear grandma Nana gave me a kelly green fleece sweatshirt/cardigan top with sunflower appliques that was made by her 83 year old church bingo partner, Miss Callie Mae. Now, I could deal with the sunflowers, but the sweatshirt also had a white/yellow gingham checkered ribbon at the neck and, in a [...] Read More

    December 26, 2006 by TBF

  • Fashion + Style

    Fashion Advice: Fluffing Your Velvet and Velour

    Dear Budget Fashionista, Do you have any tips for fluffing/fixing velour? I find that my juicy sweats tend to “lay down” after I have had them for a few months. Answer: You regain some of the fluffiness of your velvets/velour by brushing the fabric with what is called a fluffing brush (around $7.00 at most [...] Read More

    December 24, 2006 by TBF

  • Fashion + Style

    Redemption: Old Navy Women’s Short Belted Trench Coat, $39.50

    “THIS PRODUCT IS NO LONGER BEING SOLD” They needed to do something to make up for the skirtall.   [...] Read More

    December 24, 2006 by TBF

  • Fashion + Style

    Warm Weather Affects The Sale of Winter Apparel

    Wait a week or two and you’ll be able to find an assortment of cold weather gear like coats, jackets, gloves, and boots for major savings. Why? Well, the warm weather (50 degree weather for most of Dec.. wacky.) has really hurt the sale of winter apparel worldwide. If you can hold off until the [...] Read More

    December 23, 2006 by TBF

  • Steals + Deals

    Does Size Impact Your Finances?

    In our discussion on the lack of plus size fashions, a reader named Robin made a very interesting observation. She stated that the lack of options has actually saved her money because she can’t find anything to buy. Her poignant comment made me think—is there a difference in the financial health of special size women [...] Read More

    December 22, 2006 by TBF

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    Fashion Advice: Taking Care of Cork Heels

    Dear Budget Fashionista, I have a pair of Oh Deer! Garbo (the spittin’ image of the Christian Louboutin Bruges down to the red sole) that I got for a steal on QVC.  Anyway, how do i care for the cork? Do i seal it and make it water-resistant with a spray? Or since cork is [...] Read More

    December 21, 2006 by TBF