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    SkinMilk Shaving Milk

    What: Robin attempts to shave her legs using SkinMilk Shaving Milk, $4.99. The Lowdown: In confiding with some close girlfriends, I’ve come to realize I’m not unlike many women who grab a razor in the shower and quickly mow over their legs with nothing more than some warm water and whatever soapy residual is left [...] Read More

    January 5, 2008 by TBF

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    Web Round Up: Flylady.net

    What: Flylady.net is the place to go for tips on getting your home in order. The Lowdown: Sometimes the simplest, most inexpensive way to give our homes a fresh look is to clean, organize and declutter. Never is this more true than just after the hectic holiday season. The Flylady gives advice to SHEs (Sidetracked [...] Read More

    January 5, 2008 by TBF

  • Beauty

    Sleek, Straight, Shiny Hair: Beauty Trend 2008

    Photo credit: Shutterstock What: Getting one thing perfectly straight—your hair. [...] Read More

    January 4, 2008 by TBF

  • Guide to Decorating Your Home on a Budget

    Entertaining on a Budget: Porcelain Name Cards

    These porcelain name plates are beautiful, but can be quite expensive. The ones pictured above from Solutions are $14.95 ea. That can add up when you are having 10 people over for a dinner party. Try making your own by using your own white dessert plates or saucers. As long as the dish has a [...] Read More

    January 4, 2008 by LyzL

  • High Vs. Low: The Cami

    There are some things that you just shouldn’t pay more for, and the cami is one of them. Pictured here we have two versions: both look as if they would sufficiently fulfill their camisole duties, but while one is a reasonable wardrobe basic we wouldn’t think twice about picking up, the other carries an anything-but-basic [...] Read More

    January 4, 2008 by Angela