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House of Cards: We Say House of Style

Cranked through the new season of House of Cards on premier night? Us too. Left wanting more? Who wasn't. We're filling the void the best way we know how, with a little television-fueled shopping, … Read on

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Runway Report: Blast from the Past

There was one phrase that ruled runways from New York to Paris this Fashion Week Month, and it piggybacks off of spring's decades-past vibe. "70s-inspired" could be heard and seen from every row, … Read on

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Plus Size Fashion

Our Picks for the BEST Style of Plus Size Jeans

When it comes to jeans for plus sizes we could go as far as saying that this is an area for plus sizes that is not lacking. There are a number of plus size denim brands (including straight brands like Paige Premium, James, and Citizens for Humanity which come in plus sizes), that hug curves, […]

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colorful clothes in a closet

Clothing Resale: The Ultimate Guide

You finally cleaned out the closet -- now what? You're left with a pile of pieces you just had to have, and look at them now, so defeated balled-up on the floor. You know deserved to be loved...but … Read on

woman surrounded by colorful clothes

Spring Clean: The Closet Cleanse

When To Cleanse Your Closet There's no time like the present, right? But really, cleaning out your closet twice a year should keep your closet fairly clutter free. When you've pushed more items to … Read on

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Five Awesome Tips For Wearing Bronzer

Even though summer is over, you can still show off a sun-kissed appearance with a few makeup tricks. A great way to do this is by using bronzer instead of blush. Bronzer acts as a highlighter unlike … Read on

Fall Beauty Trends

Top Ten Fall Beauty Trends

Beyond khakis, cords and crunching leaves, styling Autumn's crisp temperatures and classic palette requires wrangling a few beauty trends to keep it all looking contemporary. Freshening up … Read on

Blue Eyeliner

How to Wear Blue Eyeliner

Blue eyeliner usually elicits two reactions: "Oh the eighties!" or "LOVE it, bring it on!" If you fall into the first category and even remember using blue eyeliner like there was no tomorrow in the … Read on

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