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Chunky Girls Can Wear Colored Pants

Yes, Thick Girls Can Wear Colored Jeans

When I requested to write about how to wear colored jeans if you’re plus-size, Kathryn and everyone kinda looked at me a little strange. Okay, a LOT strange. Basically, they thought it might be like someone wanting to write about cars who had never driven one. What suggestions could my non-plus-size self possibly offer about […]

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Spring Home Decor: Quick Guide

Redecorating every season takes a hefty bank roll, but swapping out a few trendy touches? That's the savvy way to do spring nest style. A couple fresh accessories for the family room, your favorite … Read On...

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Source: http://www.amtify.com/Leopard-Print-Scarf-Buy-1-Get-1-Free-CLA801510EW.htm?gclid=Cj0KEQjwxpipBRCap8PR2Om7vq4BEiQA6V7OVSDfaZPe1qbQ9pEn9Is-h2YqPh7zEKwNC82lk99EBacaAi-A8P8HAQ

Wearing Animal Prints: Dos and Don’ts

Edgy animal prints are always in style. But always being is style doesn't make them easy to wear. Stripes, spots, and patterned prints can flatter or fail if you don't know the rules. As most animal … Read on

lying: not beautiful

Women Over 40: Real Beauty Guide (Sponsored)

Readers, I am a RoC Skincare Ambassador. This means RoC provides me with free product and other compensation so I can share my honest opinions with you. Rest assured, you'll always get real advice and … Read on

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Fashion Model Portrait. Hairstyle. Beautiful Brunette Girl

Summer’s Coolest Cut: The Lob Story

Itching for a change? You're not alone. A trip to the chop-shop seems to be on everyone's agenda, dead-set on debuting a new 'do just in time for summer's social season. The cut of choice? A remix of … Read on

woman outside spraying herself with mist

Spring Must-Have: The Mist

That magical tool that keeps your face looking and feeling fresh in even the hottest heat? It exists and you absolutely need it in your cosmetics bag this spring season. A festival babe secret that's … Read on

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