How to Be Fashionable after Sixty

More Fashion Tips for Dressing After 60

1. Don’t shun your past

You’re a few years older, but you’re still you, so dress accordingly. If you think you need to redo your wardrobe, think again. Movie star Rita Moreno is still working the hot pink dresses and big baubles she loved in the days of West Side Story– just updated versions of them. She doesn’t shy away from color (we would really like to meet the person who said mature fashionistas can’t wear color, so not true) and trades the 4 inch heels in for a pair of 2 ½ chic sandals. At over 80 years old, Rita is showing everyone that she’s the same fun, fiery woman she was in her youth– with the same chic style.

If you’ve always loved the way you look in blue, or if your wardrobe work-horse is a tailored pair of slacks, stick with it. Love that strapless dress? Wear it, but pair it with a chich cropped blazer. You know what works for you, so don’t be swayed by others’ opinions of what you should wear. Recall your greatest fashion moments and find a modernized, mature way of recreating them.

2. Experiment with prints and textures

No, you can’t wear every trend that comes down the runway, however on the flipside a twenty-something fashionista couldn’t get away with half the fabrics you can. So while you can’t go wild with mini skirts and cropped shirts (not that you’d want to), you can show personality in animal prints, florals and bold textures. No one does this better than 61-year-old Vogue Editor-In-Chief, Anna Wintour.

Like Anna, you can make a statement in your signature style. If you haven’t already, find out what silhouette best flatters your figure. Anna likes sheath dresses, but you may prefer an a-line skirt. Once you’ve narrowed down the shape of your clothes, anything goes when it comes to prints. Another great way to make a statement? Statement accessories, of course. Bold sunglasses, necklaces and watches look chic with a classic ensemble.

3. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it

When it comes to signature style, repeating a look isn’t just acceptable, it’s encouraged. Once you find a style that you look and feel great in, go ahead and buy one in every color! The best example of this is designer Carolina Herrera. She creates some of the most beautiful, elegant clothes on the runway and red carpet, so she would know.

Crisp blouse, A-line skirt, drop earrings: it’s the uniform of the chic 62-year-old fashion queen. We see her in it almost every time she steps out, and are we bored? No way! She looks fabulous, and so do you in your signature look. Whether it’s a shape of dress, a style of shirt or a particular color, if it works, work it, all the time.

4. Embrace pantsuits

Admit it, you used to envy how chic Katherine Hepburn looked in her pantsuits. Maybe you still envy the powerful presence her ensembles conveyed, so why not steal her style? A pantsuit works for day or night, for luncheons or parties, for the office or the church, and they always, always look chic. Take a look at Exhibit A: Diahann Carroll in this gorgeous wear-anywhere outfit.

The pantsuit is the LBD of women over 60, partly because it takes a certain degree of sophistication to pull it off. Find one that fits your personal style and figure, get it tailored, and wherever you go, you’ll always have the perfect outfit.

5. If you’ve got it, flaunt it

And yes, you’ve still got it. Want to know what else you’ve got? Elegance and sophistication, qualities inhabited only by a seasoned fashionista. If you’re having trouble being convinced, this should give you a little inspiration:

Copyright Brenna/ Jason Fraser


That’s Helen Mirren… in a bikini. Mirren is 65 years young and as breathtaking as ever. Newsflash: so are you. Whatever your best features are, don’t be afraid to show them off. So what if fashion seems focused on the younger crowds, sometimes? When it comes to style, that’s all you.
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  1. lucie blake says

    not all older women are frumpy.
    we hunger for styles that compliment a slightly thicker waist line
    other then a mumu.
    bring it on. we need role models, and Goldie Hawn fits the bill

  2. Maryanne Marttini says

    Looks like I am following your advise. I always think about dressing my generation, I am a 69 year old Baby Boomer, proud and healthy.

  3. jeanne says

    How about those of us who are over 60 and 175 lbs.? It’s almost impossible to find well fitting clothes when we have rolls. Thanks

    • Trish says have beautiful edgy and fashionable clothing for larger sizes. They say their range is 14 – 24, but really fits from 12 to 28 or more. Check out their website. They have stores in Australia and NZ and sell online to the world. Also Lane Bryant is an American plus size online seller, as is Catherine’s. In Australia Catherine’s Plus also sells online. Cacique is great for buying unusal and larger bra sizes.

  4. says

    There are things on that get rid of list that work for me so I have to disagree with you. I think of reaching 60’s as being liberating…no more of this dress to impress mentality. I am way beyond caring what is in style or what outfit might get me approval. I would much rather you notice my smile and headful of natural curls. And then I would love to have a great conversation with you!

    • says

      Bravo! to Debbie!
      I also want to look like a woman, and wear flattering clothes as they did in the forties. You can’t find a decent skirt, dress, only ugly tight fitting pants. Skirts so short they are embarrassing, and if the women wearing them do not feel embar rassed, I feel it for them. Men do not like unfeminine women. The more indecent you dress the more they use you and disrespect you, they cast you aside and try to find what they are truly are looking for. They like women with soft voices, genteel, have a brain so they can carry on an intelligent conversation, with tenderness and loving in the most pure and innocent way.
      Can you find that today? No , not very many exist.
      They have lost a great deal in banishing truly flattering clothes. Women trying to be men. Also they have lost the dignity and the nobleness that God gave women.
      These styles are sickening and make me sick. Everybody wants to be a man these days, unshaven, sloppy and crude. You can have it. Wild hair cuts , some not even caring to tend to their hair, and they do not care how they look at all. Quite unbelievable that the so called modern generation can no longer think for themselves. The word for today is Slobs!
      Women modeling these clothes always look like they do not know how to stand, walk or sit in a dignified manner. They hold their legs in awkward positions as if they have some unidentifiable defect. Too bad, Class for women is gone.
      Thrift stores offer more opportunities than any of the fashions we see in today’s store. Today’s fashions are against women. They have been this way since the sixties. The sad part of all of this is that they believe everything the designers tell them. Ridiculous!

          • Janet S. says

            I agree, I am 68, tall and curvy. I love nice fitting skinny jeans and tunics with sandals in the summer and boots in the winter. I get admiring looks and comments from men and women!! Lose the rolls or wear clothes that camouflage.

      • Trish says

        What century are you living in, Greer??? You sound like something out of Gone With the Wind! as are your ideas. After 60 who cares what men do or don’t lilke. Its suit yourself time. I wear fashionable clothes because they’re fun and flattering and make me feel good. They also give me confidence in my day-o-day working life. My younger colleagues find it easier to relate to me in modern clothing

  5. Marina torres says

    I like your information. I am 63 and very active and a good shape, but I want to dress up accordingly. Great ideas!


  6. Ann Boyd says

    Thank you. Thank you! When working, I had no problem in choosing clothes and being stylish. BUT dressing casually at 70 has really stumped me so I am positively delighted to have discivered you and your fantastic hints! Thank you! Thank you!

  7. says

    Really interesting blog, thanks for sharing this kind amazing information about How to Be Fashionable after Sixty. I am sure this information very helpful for after sixty women.

  8. says

    What a great post. Older women could really use more advice and encouragement to always strive to be confident and love how they look no matter what age.

  9. Teri says

    Thank you for this wonderful advice! My shoulders are 1 and 1/2 size smaller that my hips. Fitted shirts are difficult to find – that aren’t too tight around the middle or too big at the top. Any suggestions on stores or brands?

  10. ShebaBarb says

    A nice article. I am 65 and trying to learn how to dress casual without looking like a worn out frumpy older woman or a older woman trying to be young. I have lost some weight but trying to gain some of it back. I actually feel better with some weight versus being the size I am now. I think wearing jeans from head to toe is okay unless it’s too tight and depends on where you are wearing it to.

  11. Arlene says

    I almost fell out of my chair! FINALLY, a website, any-kinda site, a blog. something for those of us who are over 60!!!!! I must remark before I read on…thank you, thank you and thank you. I’m 64 (turning 65 in July); 4’10 and 109 (the 9 lbs. landing in my “upper” tummy area. I have found Style&co. jeans from Macy’s work well for me; however, I’m going to try the stores/sites you have suggested too. Ha! You have just gained a brand new best friend (pest, follower, student, needy-for-your-info)! I’ll be back, for sure; now to continue reading……

  12. Ramona says

    I also am 69. I want to dress stylish but when I look at all the magazines and web sites they seem to really address younger women more than anyone else. I wish there were more mid range priced things for older women and more accessible to the public. More advertisements so we know where to shop.

  13. Ramona says

    I agree with the last comment so much. That comment was exactly what I was trying to say. I either have to look on vintage sites or used stores. I just wish the magazines would offer more clothes for modern seniors. I don’t want a short skirt nor do I want one that goes to the floor. Just normal clothes for normal people. There is a whole market that is being over looked .

    • Janet S. says

      Pencil skirts with a nice twin set and moderate heels look great. If your weight allows it, wear form fitting clothes. They’re flattering and youthful,

  14. Connie says

    I’m a healthy, active, 64 year-old. I’m 5’3″ so often find clothes in the petite section, but it’s a challenge. Choices are usually limited and everything “matches” or is in floral/pastels that make me feel like I belong in an Easter basket. I’ve become VERY selective about the styles I choose. My wardrobe mainstays are good fitting jeans (blue and black), slacks in neutral colors, two black skirts (one for day/business and a long one for evening), an assortment of nicely tailored shirts (in a variety of fabrics) and tops that can be layered underneath, and a grey blazer. I shopped and shopped to find slacks and jeans that looked right. Now that I know the brands that work for me, I rarely look elsewhere. With a variety of accessories it seems I have lots more clothes and feel like I”m always “put together.” Tailored shirts are available in any color you can imagine. A silk shirt tied in front and worn over a white tank looks great with jeans. Trade the jeans for a long black skirt and some funky jewelry for an evening out.

  15. says

    Wonderful article. I’m 70. Although I can afford new clothes, I sometimes shop the Goodwill Stores just to look for good “classic” styles. If the label says “Ralph Lauren” it’s even better!

  16. Bonnie Smelser says

    I need to wear skirts in my profession. Pencil skirts are great for my figure, but the problem is what to do about legs that cannot go bare due to lots of very unsightly veins.
    Boots and tights solve the problem in cold weather, but haven’t solved the problem for warm weather, since nude hose are not in style. Any ideas?

    • annie macmurray says

      Jergens makes a wonderful product called Natural Glow In the lotion aisle. It very slightly tints your legs like a couple days in the sun. Makes my freckles and veins seem much less noticeable than my white winter legs. Try it in the Fair to medium shade. Hope this helps.

  17. says

    Hi I am 60 yrs old, 161 lbs and 5* and I would like to know how to find clothes for a person like me, I have not been in a dress for years, retired busdriver, so something that looks nice to wear when going somewhere and now that it is hot outside maybe some sundresses for doing work around house, I do not were tank tops cause of my flabby skin under them, you have heard the saying, your arms are still waving goodbye after everyone has left., and hopefully clothes that are not sky rocket prices, just clothes for my age group, any suggestions, thanks have a great day’

  18. toni says

    At last! I found someone to share my thoughts with. I can never find clothes that I like. they all seem for the younger women. Thank you.

  19. says

    This is really great advice. Just because people are a bit older does not mean that they should not look after themselves and wear clothes that make them look great still. Age is just a number and looks and the way the person feels about them image can make a huge difference on how people see them. There should be more clothes available for older women and more older models in catalogues and in the fashion industry to show that age does not affect their fashion.

    Halifax Clothing Store

  20. Dee Rowden says

    Great article, we need more please!! I’d like to mention swimwear for us women who are over 60. Many of us have started to sag where we have never sagged before. We have veins that show. All in rather “delicate” locations! Our bodies are changing but we do not want to give up pool and/or beach time. I personally HATE swim dresses. I discovered swim capris. I wear them with a tankini top and can continue swimming FOREVER! It also protects from sun burn. Older skin is losing elasticity and pigment. No joke. UV protection is a must. My girlfriends, who have skipped pool activities for years, are loving the swim capris. Thanks for letting me share.

  21. rita borger says

    I loved your article. I am in love with colour but at 74 plus and a bit heavy such as 155 at 5’4″ I do have trouble with finding outfits. Even thoug my legs are thin I find such things as veins and cellulite showing how can I wear skirts or capris without wearing strangulated panty hose.Help

    • Arlene says

      I hear you. Even tho I’m 4’10 and 109 lbs, I’ll be 65 next month and have so much trouble finding clothing for my AGE! As far as your leg veins go, I do believe Jergens has a sort of “leg makeup” which is in various shades of flesh tone, but not as heavy as regular foundation. I know several women who wouldn’t live without it! Also, another trick is to wear leggings under your skirt(s) or dresses. Its the style now, and with the right not-kiddish skirt (or dress, even) it works wonders! Just a note, though, it wouldn’t work in the summer-time! Hope you find some help in this. Good luck! If you can, let me know how you make out with one or the other, if any, suggestion!

  22. says

    Yeah! definitely correct it doesn’t mean your in a certain age you cant be stylish. Being fashionable doesn’t require age limit, it doesn’t require dressing by generation. Be Fashionable :)

  23. Allie says

    Great and welcome article! Now, if you could just offer some advice for those wriggly, wrinkled arms that don’t seem to get any better despite exercise, and seem to be prevalent no matter how good a shape an older woman is in. Plastic surgery is a non-starter in my book, but does this mean we need to give up sleeveless forever? How about designers coming up with more light-weight, flowing mid-sleeves for summer? Pass it on!

  24. Barb says

    I’m a young 82 yr od 5″9in 180lbs and love clothes. The new long skirts and dresses are great as well as the longer shirts, great pant styles, { leggings don”t look good on everyone ] and lovely fabrics silks, voiles, etc and the bright colors… I shop on line and search the catalogues for styles that are attractive on me not necessarily “WHATS IN STYLE”” the trick to dressing well at any age is finding YOUR style. Age appropriate clothes shouldn”t be too hard to figure out. Why would some one at Any age ware clothing that shows all your rolls. bumps and bulges. Just to be IN STYLE????…YOU CAN BE IN STYLE AND STILL LOOK GOOD> Also don’t be afraid to ware costume jewelry and scarfs I also love and ware boots and kitten heel shoes. GO FOR IT AND HAVE A BALL!!!! ‘

  25. says

    I’m 66 plus size wp18/20. I want to add something to the no-no list.
    Faded denim is a harsh look for anyone. In my view. Its one trend that could have been born dead & remain in CA where designers of today,
    don’t give 2 cents about anybody outside of “Heaven Wood.”True we
    don’t have to yield to trends, but there is little else to wear because we
    aren’t relevant in the fashion world. Jeans with faded spots (on butts and thighs ) don’t complement anyone. On a plus size it makes you look poor. It is true that we don’t have to yield to trends it is hard to find
    something decent to wear. Thanks to computers it is a lot easier.
    Still there is an untapped market for seniors in fashion. I agree that quality is better than quantity. As for me I’m on-line looking for the next
    great colors for this fall season for both quality and value. Bye for now.

  26. says

    Firstly thanks a lot for such a wonderful post. I would like to know more about such topics and hope to get some more helpful information from your blog.

  27. Roz says

    Please show more pix of women dressed in day wear who are over 65….I’m 67, 5ft 2in. @ 123 active pounds. Help! I had style now I seem to have lost it!

  28. tonysam says

    NO way would I EVER give up elastic waist pants. Not only are they comfortable, but for people like me with short waists, tailored waists do NOT cut it.

    I haven’t worn tailored waisted clothes in DECADES.

  29. tonysam says

    If I followed this “advice” I would have the world’s worst wardrobe.

    I will NOT throw out Christmas sweaters and t-shirts.

    Maybe women need to grow up and quit trying to dress to attract men. Buy and wear what you like.

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