Food Expiration Dates: Budget Grocery Tip

So you’re getting ready to make a quick breakfast omelet, but before you can crack open an egg you notice that the expiration date on the egg carton pas passed. What to do? Did you know that, except for poultry, infant formula and some baby food, product dating is not required by the federal government? […]

K-Mart’s Saturday Sidewalk Sale: Daily Deal

The Deal: On June 14 from midnight to noon, head to for discounts for you, your home and everyone in it. It’s worth it to stay on your computer instead of fighting the crowds that are always in K-Mart on Saturdays. What We Say: Don’t be afraid to shop from a discount store—their clothes […]

Mommy-WOW! Diapers: Recycle this!

Here’s another major source of non-biodegradable landfill waste: baby diapers. Just think: the plastic diapers we used as babies are probably still buried in some landfill today, and will continue to be there long after we are gone. Factor in that each baby uses about six thousand before toilet training is complete, and that’s a […]

Entertaining on a Budget: Bridal Bling

This year it is all about the bling. Throw a bachelorette party in style using ring accessories, favors and even a fabulous ring game. Trick out your treats with these fun cupcake gem (pictured above). Get them from eBay for $2.15 for a set of 12. Tie up napkins (paper or fabric) in these fun […]

Easy, Organic Summer Drink: Go Green

Here’s a recipe, a budget-friendly tip and a plug for local food all wrapped up in one delicious summer drink: strawberry lemonade. Ever get a craving for strawberries when they’re no longer in season? Sure you do…we all do! There’s no need to buy frozen (with all that excess packaging and what not) and there’s […]

News Alert: Target’s New Designers

What: Target, where we first learned that clothes and accessories by famous designers need not cost a month’s salary, is adding two more designers to its repertoire. The Word: Anya Hindmarch will be designing handbags while Sigerson Morrison will be creating a line of shoes, according to WWD. Anya Hindmarch is an English accessories designer […]

Homemade White Sauce Three Ways: Budget Food Tip

Homemade white sauce is easy to prepare, inexpensive and surprisingly versatile. It can be mixed with other ingredients to make a simple pot pie, a variety of vegetable cream-based soups, and even homemade cheese sauce for fondue, drizzling over broccoli or other vegetables, or for macaroni and cheese. Following is an easy recipe for white […]

Green Glass Vintage Goblet: Green Home

Sometimes your fancy friends come over and it’s time to put away the tumblers and PBR, clean off the good china and pour a Pinot. Why not spend your hard-earned home entertainment dollars on sustaining practices of elegant craftsmanship that you can pass down to your grandchildren? Green Glass is a group of adventurers who […]