Community Supported Agriculture (CSAs): Budget Grocery Tip

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is when a farm sells its produce as “shares” directly to the public. Share holders receive a box of produce each week, which can also include other items from the farm, such as flowers, eggs, meats and baked goods. Sometimes known as “subscription farming,” CSAs generally involve the customer to a […]

Kitchen Porn: Epicurious Tours Celebrity Kitchens

For those of us who drool over Sub-Zero frigs and Viking Stoves, Epicurious provides us with a behind the scenes look at the kitchens of some of our favorite celebrities like Isaac Mizrahi (whose home collection at Target will be sorely missed). While it seems quite unfair for people who don’t know their asparagus from, […]

Faucet Water Filters: Go Green

Do you remember the last time you drank tap water? You just might…tap water use is on the rise and those oh-so-yesterday plastic water bottles are on their way out. According to Tappening, an organization focused on promoting the virtues of tap water, “the lousy economy may be accomplishing what environmentalists have been trying to […]

Envirotips on Shopping Green: Green Video

This quick envirotip shows you how to use your consumer influence by shopping green: bring reusable bags for your shopping experience, purchase natural cleaners, buy organic food and clothing, buy dried goods and bulk, avoid buying pre-packaged fruits and vegetables, select items that come in recyclable packaging, and look for paper goods that include recycled […]

Everything Becomes School & Office Supplies: Recycle This!

If there is a cooler green company out there right now than TerraCycle, we’d like to hear about it. TerraCycle recently partnered with Office Max to produce a line of recycled office and school products. The results? One marvelous waste-free future unfolding before us! A recent rundown in Ecopreneurist goes into more detail, but here […]

Coffee Grounds as Mulch: Budget Gardening Tip

Last week we talked about using used coffee grounds (among other things) as natural slug prevention. But did you know, coffee grounds also make excellent garden mulch? If you’re a coffee drinker, it’s a great way to use those used grounds (and paper filters) rather than just throwing them in the garbage. They can be […]