Easy Organic Appetizer for Independence Day Parties: Organic Food

Organic Food

If you keep your kitchen good and stocked with the basics, then this little organic appetizer should be easy to whip up with minimal extra cost (you just might have all the ingredients!) and with time enough for you to throw your hair into a pony, jump into a cute organic tee (gentlemen, please substitute […]

Repel Mosquitoes Naturally: Go Green

While it is generally accepted that natural methods of repelling mosquitoes are not as effective as DEET for example, they do minimize the problem. And given the downside of DEET, we’re OK with a few bites. If you’re getting ready to camp for the holiday weekend, get your natural artillery ready! 1. Fill a spray […]

Edible Landscaping: Budget Gardening Tip

If you live in the suburbs, it’s obvious that the same standard landscaping scene seems to predominate – a few shade or flowering trees, shrubs, and a manicured green lawn. But what good are those trees, other than providing some shade in the summertime and a habitat for birds? Edible landscaping can provide more than […]

Snow Peas Five Ways: Budget Grocery Tip

Snow peas, or sugar snaps, are just beginning to make their appearance in grocery stores and at farmers’ markets. These crisp, springtime beauties can be served hot or cold, cooked or even just raw, and make a delicious side dish to any summer meal. To make use of the seasonal bounty, here are a few […]

Home Depot Launches National CFL Bulb Recycling Initiative: Recycle This

Something exciting happened this week. Finally we can stop worrying about that moment when our first CFL blows out (they really do last forever, don’t they?). What would we do with it? Gone are the days of mindlessly throwing the dead lightbulb into the garbage. This is mercury, after all. But as of Tuesday, June […]

Homemade Sorbet: Budget Food Tip

Sorbet is a delicious and refreshing summertime treat, or a nice between-courses palate cleanser. But how do you know how much sugar and other additives is in your store-bought sorbets? With summertime just getting starting, a plethora of fresh in-season fruits is now available – and at great prices. Why not pick up a few […]