Plastics Numbering System Demystified: Go Green

Ever look at the base of your plastic water bottle and wonder what that little number means? You’d be smart to know those numbers since some of them can be detrimental to your health. Look for the number enclosed in the recycle symbol (arrows that form a triangle) at the bottom of your plastic container. […]

Paper Flower Napkin Ring: DIY

Add a splash of color to your place settings for a party or picnic with an easy and inexpensive craft: paper flower napkin rings. The project takes very few materials: string, scissors a ruler and two colors of tissue paper, and can be completed in just a few minutes. In fact, we found the tissue […]

Treating Powdery Mildew: Budget Gardening Tip

Powdery mildew looks like a light dusting of whitish-gray mold, usually on the leaves of an outdoor plant. In most cases, rubbing the leaves will remove most or all of this fungal growth, which sort of looks like dirt or dust. The mildew can occur on roses and herb and vegetable plants, leaves, although it […]

Host a Green Barbeque: Entertaining on a Budget

Summertime is the time for barbecues, which usually means breaking out the plastic silverware and paper plates. But you might end up going through more of that paper and plastic than you think, with guests forgetting which cup is theirs or foods soaking through several layers of paper plates. There is a budget-friendly and eco-friendly […]

Recycle Your Old Keyholder into a Necklace Holder

How many of us have fallen prey to organizational thingy-bobs, use them for a while, and then become, well, unorganized again? We’re thinking specifically about those little hooked key holders you nail to the wall next to your front or back door. They’re supposed to make it convenient for you to walk into the house, […]

How-To Attend and Throw a Yard Sale: Green Video

Do you need some extra cash? Is your clutter piling up on you? The perfect summer solution is throwing and attending a yard sale. This week Threadbanger shows you how to prep and carry-out a successful sale, and shows you how to spot a score. A few key points will help you spot the key […]

Host a Tapas Party: Entertaining on a Budget

Tapas, Spanish for “small plates” dinners have become increasingly popular over the past year. The foods are easy to prepare and some require nothing more than opening a can or jar and making it an easy and inexpensive way to entertain in the summertime. Following are the basics to hosting a tapas party. The Atmosphere […]

When You Can’t Go Local . . . Kopali Organics: Organic Food

When is it a good idea not to buy local food? When you’re buying Kopali Organics food. Now we’re not advocating locavores start sourcing their food from all over the globe like we did before we knew better…but there are exceptions to every rule, and Kopali Organics serves as a good example of the local […]

Summer Clearance and $1.99 Shipping at Sears: Daily Deal

The Deal: Sears is offering big savings on summer apparel this week, along with $1.99 shipping. The Lowdown: It’s still steamy enough outside that you might be in the market for some summer apparel to wear right now, or perhaps you’re just thinking ahead to next year—either way, Sears has some hot summer savings on […]