Bubble Calendar: Recycle This

What with this interweb thing sweeping the nation, we’ve been doing a lot of looking at other options for our underutilized mailroom supplies. And as we start taking in the last days of 2008 (What? You’re not panicked about the holidays holidays yet?) we’re thinking these Bubble Calendars are a genius combo of a super […]

Paint it Green: Eco-Friendly Home

About once a year, we get a jones to paint the living room, but we rarely follow through on my terra cotta-tinged dreams because, frankly, the smell of paint makes us want to vomit. And it’s hard to justify picking up a gallon of something that, when it’s tossed, can pollute 250,000 gallons of water. […]

San Antonio Sewage: Go Green

The good people of San Antonio are showing up their friends in Houston yet again with their new plan to utilize their citizen’s poop for cash and environmental gain. According to CNN, The San Antonio Water System is already sells some of the “biosolids” from the plant to use in compost in yards and gardens […]

Target Adds More Prestige Beauty Designers

What: If you thought you were satisfied with Sonia Kashuk beauty products, wait until you get a look at Target’s new prestige cosmetics lines. Starting this month, three new beauty lines will be available at Target and Target.com. Below, a succinct summary of each line so you know what you’re getting into as you explore […]

Pantyhose & Stockings: Recycle This

We know all about recycling our plastic bottles, metal cans, batteries, CDs, and much more, but there are more synthetic products where those came from! Pantyhose, made out of not-so-natural nylon, rips and wears down easily, and most of us toss them in the trash and buy more cheap ones. The most eco-conscious among us […]

Recycled Bike Clock: Go Green

In this digital age, regular old circular clocks have all but disappeared from American homes. Just like with handmade envelopes, Etsy has helped resurrect the past. This handmade, upcycled clock seems to have come from an industrial age, what with its hard metallic edges. It seems mean and spunky, but it’s actually made from a […]

Planting Garlic: Budget Gardening Tip

When the weather begins to cool and you start thinking about planting spring blooming bulbs, don’t forget to plant your garlic. Not the most savory combination, right? But when it comes down to it, garlic’s not cheap when bought in the supermarket – at least not compared to growing it yourself. Our local grocery store […]