Raising a Green Baby: Go Green

We read this great post on Ecostreet.com, the other day, about how to raise a green baby. We have a few additional tips of our own to add: 1. Make your own organic baby food: With the help of a Cuisinart Mini-Prep, a good cookbook, and some yummy organic fruits and veggies, you are on […]

Moving Boxes: Recycle This

Ahhhh…the joys of moving! All those boxes, the newspaper, the packaging peanuts! It’s enough to make an Eco Warrior go mad! We’ve previously posted tips on how to recycle and reuse packaging peanuts. But let’s face it, from an environmental perspective, packaging peanuts are, well, peanuts in terms of the bigger picture. Moving boxes…now that’s […]

Chocolate Curls: DIY

Creamy curls of chocolate can make any dessert just that much better. Even if the dessert is nothing more than ice cream, chocolate curls can turn your dish from plain to fabulous and the best part is you don’t have to be a pro to make them Odds are, you have all you need to […]

Environmentally-Friendly Painting: Go Green

Spring is here (yeah!). Quick: what thought does spring conjure up? If you’re like us, the beginning of spring is synonymous with cleaning and organizing. Perhaps you’ve had painting on your long overdue to-do list, but you’ve been worried about the whispers of “environmental repercussions” and “health concerns”. If so, print this post and consider […]

Easter Basket Filler: Recycle This

Happy Easter to those of you who are celebrating today. For a greener Easter think about some of these great tips: 1. Waxy, plastic Easter basket filler is SO yesterday, and SO bad for the environment. Why not simply use paper you have around the house and put it through the shredder? In the picture […]