How to Shop

To be perfectly honest, it hardly ever occurred to us to shop online for beauty and personal care items (that’s why God created WalMart, right?), but once we’ve spent a little time clicking around on, we’re seeing things in a new light. First of all, shopping online gives us time to sit and plan […]

Six Great Online Swap Sites

Recycling is in-not only in terms of the environment, but also in terms of fashion—and these sites are leading the online swapping community. Before trading your goods, you need to know a few things: be careful swapping used make-up, always ask for clear photos to help you assess the quality of the garment you’re swapping, […]

Santa Suits: Recycle This

We will fully admit to searching for organic Santa suits online. And being disappointed… Maybe the green movement hasn’t quite reached the North Pole (although, hello, polar bears!) but it certainly should already. In the meantime we’ll have to buy our St. Nick suit used and hope the former Santa didn’t sweat a lot. But […]

Betsey Johnson Diffusion Line for Target? It Could Happen

> Hot on the heels of reports that some top designers have cancelled their Fall 2009 Fashion Week shows, we get this teaser: according to NY Mag, Betsey Johnson (one of the cancelling designers)—and we quote Betsey Johnson CEO Chantal Bacon—“is planning a limited-edition design collaboration with a retailer that will likely launch in the […]

Christmas Cookies: Go Green

Looking to impress friends, family and neighbors this year with your home baked treats? Sure you can buy Rice Krispies and Jet-Puffs, after all, who doesn’t love a freaking krispie treat? But if you want to stay green, it’s time to re-commit to buying your food locally and in season. Luckily, Harvest Eating features recipes […]

Top Community Sites for Discounts and Coupons

> Popular blog community sites like Digg, Stumbleupon, etc can be a great resource for bargain hunters looking to score online coupons and deals. A search for shopping related terms (bargain, shopping, deal, coupons) can turn up a wide range of results, meaning it’s up to you to sort through them to find what you […]

Your Christmas Tree: Go Green

It might seem obvious that a Christmas tree will be green (although maybe you haven’t seen these aluminum babies – above) but there are better ways to deck the halls this season and they may not be quite what you think. Before you make your final tree decision, take a look at all the alternatives […]

Talking About: Going Green

Salon is the online go-to for politics, pop culture and social phenomena, so learning a major green lesson was not the usual concurrence while browsing during the lunch hour. However, Almost Green by James Glave, diligently explores the all-important issue of proselytizing (or rather, not proselytizing) to your friends and neighbors about environmental issues, and […]

Depressionista? Wal-Mart Is the Hot New Store

Update 12/17: Still doubt me? Check out this recent article quoting newly released retail stats. Apparently Wal-Mart is doing so well, that it may actually save the retail industry from… wait for it… a depression. Wal-Mart is the Hot New Store Six months ago, people (okay, mostly New Yorkers) laughed when I would say the […]