Holiday Hazards for Credit Card Users

Okay, even a budget fashionista is tempted to break out the plastic when the holidays roll around, and we’re not judging . . . but if you’re thinking of putting some things on credit, make sure you’re aware of the pitfalls, which these days are even more numerous than ever before. Fortunately, you can get […]

Frustration-Free Packaging: Go Green

We talk a lot about unnecessary packaging here; some say “harp” even. But apparently some of the big guys are listening. Aaron over at Babble pointed us in the direction of Amazon, which has just released a list of toys that will be frustration-free on Christmas morning. That’s right, the impossible to rip open plastics, […]

Miss Trish of Capri at Target

Target recently announced a new partnership with high-end (like $325 for a pair of thong sandals) shoe designer Trish Carroll. From Press Release: Target is partnering with acclaimed accessories designer Trish Carroll to launch a limited-edition footwear collection, Miss Trish of Capri Target.  This collection is the fourth footwear launch in a series of limited-time-only […]

Read Green: Go Green

We all know how much online magazines rule. Some of the old guard still hang onto their “print only” mentality, but many more are getting with the green program. Zinio is helping the oldies come into the 21st century by creating the The Read Green Initiative wherein traditional print mags are made available online for […]