Think Outside the Pot: DIY

Unique planters are a great way to add color and interest to your deck, porch, patio or backyard. Planters can also provide a lush garden for people who don’t have a backyard or who rent. But have you been to your local garden store lately? Planters can cost you from $20 to $80 a piece. […]

Clean Green: Go Green

Your mom made egg salad with paprika – and so do you. She scrubbed the bathroom with Comet and Clorox – and so do you. While your sainted mother is a stellar housekeeper (and makes a darn good egg salad sandwich), breaking away from the toxic multi-colored powders of your youth is good for both […]

Grow: The Look for Less

April 22 is Earth Day and in celebration we’ve found some great looks that will help you bring some indoor style to your outdoors. The best part: All looks are $38 and under. While $38 might seem like a little much to spend on gardening tools, the “Calle” gardening tools (pictured above) are made of […]

Going Solar: Green Home

Have you noticed all of those solar homes popping up around your neighborhood? We sure have, and it got us to thinking about whether going solar was something we should consider. While the law of supply and demand catches up with green practices, we’re often forced to pay more money to support the causes we […]

Free Guide to Sushi at Home: Budget Food Tip

Long popular in California, sushi has turned into a huge trend in America. Even traditional meat-and-potatoes lovers are giving in to the delicate, salty and sometimes spicy flavors of sushi. To enjoy the treat at home, Geyser Peak Winery is offering a free 16-page booklet, “California-Style Sushi at Home.” The booklet includes recipes, step-by-step instructions, […]