Grow-Your-Own Seasonal Salad: Go Green

Grow Green, Save Green, Go Green…. Salad is a wonderful thing. It really is – no, really. Personally, we at The Budget Ecoist have never trusted when a person claims not to like salad. It’s like when someone says, “I don’t like spaghetti.” Who doesn’t like spaghetti? As for salad, there are so many variations, […]

JCPenney Spring Designer Launch

What: JCPenney is highlighting its affordable spring fashions during commercial breaks at the Academy Awards on February 22nd. Designers Nicole Miller, Michel Bohbot, Kimmora Lee Simmons, and Allen B Schwartz will be spotlighted in the new ad campaign. What We Say We’re loving the department store/designer collabs,and hope Allen B (of ABS fame) will put […]

My Macy’s Program: Trying to Lure You Back

What: Remember two years ago when Macy’s bought what seemed like every department store that ever existed, changed the store’s names to Macy’s, and angered a ton of local shoppers? Well, apparently, Macy’s, two years later and as a part of its recent cutbacks, is going to focus more on the needs of these local […]

Eco laundry Options: Go Green

You don’t need to pull out the washboard to be budget-friendly and environmentally friendly (though, we admit, it doesn’t hurt…but who has the time, really?). There are plenty of ways to save money, save a little damage to the environment, and get your clothes clean. Try out these simple tips: 1. Dryerballs instead of laundry […]

EBAY’s World of Good: A World of Good Valentine’s Gifts by eBay is the world’s first online marketplace where thousands of sellers and products all in one place, empowering you to shop in ways that align with your personal values. Respected, independent organizations verify the positive impact every product has on people and the planet. Their stated goal is to ensure that every choice […]

Taylor Swift Sundresses at Wal-Mart

Teen star Taylor Swift is launching an upcoming line of colorful, cotton sundresses with discount retailer Wal-Mart. Swift acknowledges she’s no designer, but wants to expand her personal brand nonetheless, states: “In these hard times, making expensive dresses just doesn’t make any sense.”. The line features three dress styles — two tie-back and one tiered, […]

Discount Designer Lines: A Comprehensive List


Discount lines by top designers (known as “bridge”, “mass market”  or “diffusion” lines) were once a novelty, but in recent months? It’s become a fashion trend all it’s own. While the lines are being created by designers these days as more of an economic survival tactic (in this economy, $600 ostrich skin platform wedges just […]

Eco Beauty: Go Green

The Budget Ecoist links you to the best of the beauty eco buzz from around the web: A-list haircare with a natural twist via Frederic Fekkai goes Au Naturel with plant-extracts like peppermint leaf, linden blossom and Peruvian bark, conditioning and strengthening the hair and scalp. 10 Beauty Tips for Under $5 via […]