Cheap but Not Tacky Valentine’s Day Gift: Clearly Lovely Soapy Pop, $7.99

Clearly Lovely Soapy Pop, $7.99, Soapy Love Looking for a quick and easy Valentine’s Day Gift? Try these soaps, scented with a sweet raspberry scent and sparkling with a touch of glitter, these are the most adorable soaps we’ve ever seen. Each is infused with coconut oil, soy and fragrance oils, which makes your skin […]

High Fashion Designers at Macy’s in Honor of Eunice Johnson

What: Macy’s and Johnson Publishing Company are partnering to honor Eunice Johnson, style icon, by hosting a month long fashion retrospective at various Macy’s locations. It will feature 10 to 30 looks per location by designers such as Lanvin, Yves Saint Laurent, Vivienne Westwood, Carolina Herrera, Stephen Burrows, B. Michael and more.

Irina Shabayeva Debuts Her New Line for Macy’s INC International Concepts

What: We swung by the preview for Irina Shabayeva’s new INC International Concepts line for Macy’s which will launch on February 19th in 50 Macy’s stores. What They Say: “Irina Shabayeva, Project Runway’s Season Six winner, injects some adrenaline into Spring/Summer 2011’s line up with the launch of her new collection with Macy’s…Irina for INC […]

How To Shop ASOS

If you’ve spent some time on our site it should be clear that we’re fans of ASOS. The site, whose acronym stands for “As Seen On Screen,” is the UK’s largest independent fashion retailer and just a couple short years ago, ASOS finally launched its U.S. dedicated site. With operations out of Atlanta, American shoppers […]

Walmart & QVC Announce their 2011 Spring Scarf & Hat Collection

What: Walmart & QVC announce their 2011 Spring scarf & hat collection with pricing around $5 an item. What They Say: “The Spring 2011 scarf collection features trend-driven fun florals, chambrays, plaids, crochets and tassels in soft violets, melons, blues and tans.  They are the perfect Spring accessory! The Spring 2011 hat collection features canvas […]