Yea or Nay: Spanx Swimwear

Going to the beach or the pool is possibly one of the more stressful occasions in a lady’s summer. We all worry about those lumps and bumps that used to hide under our clothes (our oh-so-safe clothes!) that will now be out for the world to see. Well, as a seemingly natural extension of Spanx […]

How to Buy a Swimsuit

For most women buying a swimsuit is right up there with going to the dentist- something you have to do, but not necessarily something you WANT to do. So I put together some tips to take the pain out of buying swimsuits. How to Buy a Swimsuit The Rules You’ll have no reason not to […]

Designer Boat Shoes on Sale at Zappos

The Deal: Designer Boat Shoes on Sale at Zappos The Lowdown: These pseudo-preppy flats, have nothing to do with boats, nor even preppiness, anymore. Now they come in so many styles and colors that you can add them to almost any look. They’re casual and comfortable–great for running errands, walking around, etc.–and will add a […]

H&M’s WaterAid 2011 Collection is Here

What: H&M’s WaterAid 2011 Collection hits stores in the first week of May. What they Say: Every summer H&M sells an exclusive bikini – and more recently a whole swimwear collection – where 10% of the proceeds are donated to WaterAid.  H&M has collaborated with the international charity WaterAid since 2002.