Best Maternity Swimsuits Under $40

Lately we’ve been searching for the answer to a serious fashion question: “Why are Maternity Swimsuits SOOO Expensive?” When searching for maternity swimsuits for this guide, it was SUPER hard, even at Wal-Mart, to find stylish versions for under $40. We here at TBF think, since most of us, god willing, will be pregnant for […]

Eco Friendly Bikinis

If you snagged your swimsuit already and have been faithfully checking for the sun ever since, please accept our congratulations on your admirable dedication to seasonal shopping. If you’re like us, you only just realized that March is over and it’s time to stash the wool sweaters. On top of that, it’s April, which is […]

Five Great Bikinis Under $50

Summer’s on its last legs, but there are still plenty of months for swimming ahead of us (especially if you live down south). Now’s the time to take advantage of great swimwear deals. To get you started, we’ve tracked down five bikinis that won’t hurt your budget. Whether you’re looking for a suit that will […]

Missoni For Target (yes You Heard Right)

Italian Knitwear brand Missoni heading to Target This Fall Target just announced that high end knitwear brand Missoni, will debut a line for Target this fall as a a part of Target’s Go International Series. The Missoni for Target line will feature over 400 pieces using the iconic multi-color stripes of the knitwear brand (let’s […]

Yea or Nay: Spanx Swimwear

Going to the beach or the pool is possibly one of the more stressful occasions in a lady’s summer. We all worry about those lumps and bumps that used to hide under our clothes (our oh-so-safe clothes!) that will now be out for the world to see. Well, as a seemingly natural extension of Spanx […]

How to Buy a Swimsuit

For most women buying a swimsuit is right up there with going to the dentist- something you have to do, but not necessarily something you WANT to do. So I put together some tips to take the pain out of buying swimsuits. How to Buy a Swimsuit The Rules You’ll have no reason not to […]