Gas for Groceries: Budget Grocery Tip

When we signed up for the store savings card at our local grocery store, we were immediately enrolled in a fuel-discount program. Each time you purchase groceries or gift cards, you earn points toward gas that can be redeemed at participating gas stations. A handy occurrence when gas prices have been hovering around $4 per […]

Edible Place Cards: Entertaining on a Budget

With summer comes the need for entertaining. Bridal showers, baby showers, parties and picnics can all be great opportunities to gather with friends and family and enjoy the warm weather. It’s also time for decorating and entertaining with less fuss by using multi-purpose items. Instead of using formal place cards, why not make your own? […]

Etsy Picks for Your Home Under $30

Handmade accessories guarantee that you’ll have something in your home that no one else has, and Etsy is the best resource to shop for one-of-a-kind bric-a-brac. Similar to eBay, Etsy is a website for crafters to sell their wares online. If you appreciate all things handmade but don’t have a DIY bone in your body, […]

Homemade Lavender Sugar: Budget Food Tip

For an extra-special touch to a homemade dessert or an extra flavor treat to your tea, try lavender sugar. Lavender sugar is surprisingly simple to make and it only looks fancy. If you grow your own herbs, this is a great way to make use of them – try it with lavender or other flowers, […]

Snow Peas Five Ways: Budget Grocery Tip

Snow peas, or sugar snaps, are just beginning to make their appearance in grocery stores and at farmers’ markets. These crisp, springtime beauties can be served hot or cold, cooked or even just raw, and make a delicious side dish to any summer meal. To make use of the seasonal bounty, here are a few […]

Homemade Sorbet: Budget Food Tip

Sorbet is a delicious and refreshing summertime treat, or a nice between-courses palate cleanser. But how do you know how much sugar and other additives is in your store-bought sorbets? With summertime just getting starting, a plethora of fresh in-season fruits is now available – and at great prices. Why not pick up a few […]

Community Supported Agriculture (CSAs): Budget Grocery Tip

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is when a farm sells its produce as “shares” directly to the public. Share holders receive a box of produce each week, which can also include other items from the farm, such as flowers, eggs, meats and baked goods. Sometimes known as “subscription farming,” CSAs generally involve the customer to a […]

Kitchen Porn: Epicurious Tours Celebrity Kitchens

For those of us who drool over Sub-Zero frigs and Viking Stoves, Epicurious provides us with a behind the scenes look at the kitchens of some of our favorite celebrities like Isaac Mizrahi (whose home collection at Target will be sorely missed). While it seems quite unfair for people who don’t know their asparagus from, […]

Marinades: Budget Food Tip

Marinades are an easy and effective way to add extra flavor and zip to your meats, and can tenderize a tougher cut of beef as well. These three marinades go well with poultry, pork or beef, and are simple to make. Lemon Rosemary Marinade 1/3 cup olive oil 1 lemon, thinly sliced 6 sprigs rosemary […]

Food Expiration Dates: Budget Grocery Tip

So you’re getting ready to make a quick breakfast omelet, but before you can crack open an egg you notice that the expiration date on the egg carton pas passed. What to do? Did you know that, except for poultry, infant formula and some baby food, product dating is not required by the federal government? […]