Entertaining on a Budget: Summer in Paris


Parisians have the right idea: take the entire month of August off and indulge in the sights, sounds and flavors of France. While it might not be possible for all of us to do the same (quality time in this chic country doesn’t come cheap), you can still indulge in a bit of French fabulousness […]

Discount Online Groceries: Budget Grocery Tip

Does anyone enjoy grocery shopping? Week after week, it seems like we’re going back to the store for the same old items: coffee, paper towels and cereal, and battling the over-crowded aisles long checkout lines in the process. There’s a better way: Amazon offers a program where you can purchase groceries on the online superstore. […]

Herbal Decor: Entertaining on a Budget

Summer entertaining is all about fresh, bright and flavorful ingredients that come together easily and quickly. Why not take that same philosophy and use it for your table decor? Use live plants as the table centerpieces to give your table a fresh look and add interest to the place settings. Just take a solid-colored table […]

DIY Napkin Ring, Paper Flowers, and a Luxe Pillow Sale: The Budget Casa

Dress your nest with pretty and practical pieces for less, with a little help from The Budget Casa: ~ You have a fab dress for your next party, but your table could use a little help—so try this pretty Paper Flower Napkin Ring DIY for a little budget-friendly boost ~ While you’re at it, you […]

Mini Apple Pie: Budget Food Tip

We love the comforting aromas and taste of a homemade apple pie — there’s just something about the mingling smells of apples and cinnamon baking with a flaky dough crust, and the taste of the pie alongside a nice scoop of vanilla ice cream. Lucky for us, apples are just starting to show up at […]

Treating Powdery Mildew: Budget Gardening Tip

Powdery mildew looks like a light dusting of whitish-gray mold, usually on the leaves of an outdoor plant. In most cases, rubbing the leaves will remove most or all of this fungal growth, which sort of looks like dirt or dust. The mildew can occur on roses and herb and vegetable plants, leaves, although it […]

Host a Green Barbeque: Entertaining on a Budget

Summertime is the time for barbecues, which usually means breaking out the plastic silverware and paper plates. But you might end up going through more of that paper and plastic than you think, with guests forgetting which cup is theirs or foods soaking through several layers of paper plates. There is a budget-friendly and eco-friendly […]

Host a Tapas Party: Entertaining on a Budget

Tapas, Spanish for “small plates” dinners have become increasingly popular over the past year. The foods are easy to prepare and some require nothing more than opening a can or jar and making it an easy and inexpensive way to entertain in the summertime. Following are the basics to hosting a tapas party. The Atmosphere […]